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Hey guys , my name is Aleshag and I love movies. I will be giving you all the updated movie news that everyone wants to know.
Alesha Gilliam

HailCaesar starring Josh Brolin , Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson , and Jonah hill . I give it one thumb up and one thump down. The casting and acting were great , and if you are a fan of old Hollywood style movies then you would enjoy this film. However a lot of the jokes didn't land, and sometimes the story became confusing with the different storylines going on. Overall It was an ok movie that I would wait to see on DVD. However it did give me more reasons to love movies. And if you are expecting to see some of your favorite movie stars such as Scarlet johansson or Jonah Hill they really had a super small part in the movie which was a let down.


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