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Hey guys , my name is Aleshag and I love movies. I will be giving you all the updated movie news that everyone wants to know.
Alesha Gilliam

Ok after seeing Deadpool twice now I can finally give my movie review on it. I give it Two thumbs Up . It was perfectly hilarious, the jokes were on point and The casting was perfect. We already know that Ryan Reynolds will be deadpool till he dies and that's fine with me. The action was great , it still had the romantic aspect for the lover in you while showing a good amount of blood and death ❤. I will say I noticed that the first time I saw the movie everyone got the jokes if people are catching up on the movies and are fans of marvel. The second time a lot of the jokes that are perfect I would say about 80% of the audience didn't get it which is a sad. However please go see it cause it's a amazing and perfect for any Marvel lover.


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