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Hey guys , my name is Aleshag and I love movies. I will be giving you all the updated movie news that everyone wants to know.
Alesha Gilliam

Last movie of the weekend , ‪‎How To Be Single‬ starring ‪‎Rebel Wilson‬ , ‪Dakota Johnson, ‬ ‪Lesliemann‬ and ‪‎Alison Brie‬. In giving this movie stars instead of thumbs. So out of ‪#‎fivesstars‬ I give it ‪3 Stars‬. It wasn't a great movie but it wasn't a bad movie. I felt it was a little to long. But overall it made you Laugh, Cry, and think about your ‪‎single‬ status. Half decent movie for ‪‎valentines day‬ weekend.


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