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Fear the Walking Dead is a spin-off from the widely popular The Walking Dead. It depicts the beginning of the outbreak, following a family trying to survive. While it is a great idea, it quickly just becomes The Walking Dead with different characters. The following are my reasons on why a Walking Dead anthology series is a much better idea.

So what exactly is an anthology series ? Its a collection of various stories, varying in settings, characters and themes that differs from season to season. A few popular examples include American Horror Story, True Detective and The Twilight Zone.

But why would this be a better format for Fear The Walking Dead?

When it was announced that a The Walking Dead spin off was in the works, fans all around the globe begged for it to be set in various countries like Japan, Alaska and India to name a few. Out of the entire globe, the setting of Los Angeles was chosen. While it is a little different to Georgia (where The Walking Dead is currently set) something strikingly different would have been infinitely more exciting. Sure the social dynamics and aspects are different but think about how great it would have been if it was set in Tokyo or Vancouver and not in the same country.

The result of changing the country each season would be getting to see the variations in how the society collapses and struggles with the out break. Seen in Fear The Walking Dead, the Los Angeles society was loud and rioted, but how would humble and quiet Japan react to the outbreak ?

While it is refreshing to see a different set of characters, with a different set of values and ideologies such as Travis (pictured below), who struggles with the fact that he needs to injure or kill people/walkers. Sure, this is a fascinating aspect, but it will only take him a few episodes before he is slicing everyone and everything in half. A new set of characters, new beliefs, new ideas and solutions to problems that are extremely different than the original show, and each season before with there varying skills assisting them throughout; now that would be really interesting.

Father Gabriel 2.0
Father Gabriel 2.0

America is littered with guns and that is no argument, there is practically one in every 3rd house. It makes dealing with hungry walkers no issue if you have a gun in hand, you know how to use it and there aren't too many walkers. Now picture the same scenario, but your country isn't filled with guns and weapons - it makes the task significantly more difficult and adds another layer of tension. Think about the constant brutality of someone killing a walker with their knuckles, something we rarely get to see on either shows.

While the spin off doesn't have to have Obama ....
While the spin off doesn't have to have Obama ....

If each season you are setting the clock back to where it all began in a different country, you never have to worry about falling into the same old routine. In two seasons time, Fear The Walking Dead will be just the same as The Walking Dead, just 3 years behind and while that isn't necessarily totally bad, I want something very different in my spin off.

So those are my reasons on why a Fear The Walking Dead Anthology Series would be infinitely better than the final product that we received. As for what the seasons should be about, well I'm glad you asked. (if you asked)

Here are a few my ideas for the series

- An American Man, trapped in central Tokyo tries to get back to America.
- A Canadian prisoner is set free among the riots, the series follows him loot, kill and betray almost everyone.
- A family takes refuge among the tower sky scrapers of Abu Dhabi struggling both with the walkers and the intense heights.
- A small Alaskan town defends its borders as it tries to remain "walker free" eventually failing

Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead Returns April 10th on AMC.


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