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Glorry Mang

Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend who will never will be forgotten. Although he is finally retiring, he will stay in our hearts forever. Today Kobe had his last All-Star game ever. Not only was this game the highest scoring game in all-star history and extremely entertaining, but Kobe was also given a standing ovation by the entire audience with a minute left in the game.

Kobe's team, the West All-Stars, defeated the East once again! Russell Westbrook winning the MVP award for the second year in a row was not surprising to anyone who really knows Westbrook's talent. He killed it as usual.

Even in the speech Westbrook gave, he spoke of his respect for Kobe and how he is super talented. It was such a fun game to watch and such an appropriate send off for the great Kobe Bryant. You will go down in the NBA history books!


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