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Obviously were going to be having Cable in the Deadpool sequal, now there have been many speculations as to who it will be, of there will be until the day it's decided. In my own opinion there are 2 clear choices for seeing Cable in the Deadpool sequel, one being already mentioned in the 'Deadpool' post credit scene, Dolph Lundgren. Now as many of us already know...Cable is a huge guy physically, so it'd only make sense for him to be played by someone large, masculine, muscular, and zero bullshit attitude. Dolph Lundgren fits all of those qualifications, aswell as the whole genius thing since Dolph has a rediculous IQ for someone who does action movies such as the expendables...

As we also know, Cable is a super-soldier so those qualities would have to play into the decision as well. That brings me to my next point.

If your going for genetically enhanced super soldier mutant that people would cower in fear of they saw...who better than "The Mountain"? Yes, Ladies and Gents, I speak of Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson from Game Of Thrones. I mean he's 6'9" 400lbs of pure muscle and destruction.

Now imagine this guy with a bionic arm, laser eye, white hair, and lots and lots of guns. I see some of the other actors people are selecting such as actors from shows like Mad Men. This roll requires a of person. Cable is a super-soldier, not just a guy in a suit. Now I haven't seen Mad Men becuase it doesn't really interest me all that much, but I've seen the actor suggested for cable and in my opinion he does NOT fit the bill for Cable.

That's why I've chosen two actors that fit the physical requirements of cable aswell as temperament. You need someone who looks like they are willing to kill in a moments notice (or are atleast capable of it). My only complaint about Liam Neeson being a suggestion is his size.

By no means is he large or physically intimidating, if you saw him walking down the street you wouldn't have a moment of thought to yourself "damn, that dude is big". Yes, I will admit that he does have the correct temperament, but at his age he can't really go on the famous MARVEL superhero diet that turns guys like Chris Pratt from squishy teddy bear into God-like figures.

That brings me back to Hafthór and Dolph. You might be saying "Oh but Dolph is getting old too and he couldn't do the diet either" well, yeah, Dolph is getting old but if you look at the guy, he's still pretty built from when he did Rocky and expendables. He's managed to take pretty damn good care of himself. Now with Hafthór, all they'd want to do with him is MAYBE get slightly more toned but other than that he's fine. Both Dolph and Hafthór are physically intimidating. Something Liam and the other suggested actors just aren't.

I'd love to know what the rest of y'all think about these choices, so by all means please comment complaints about them, why you think they work and why you think they don't!


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