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The first half of season 6 (in my opinion) featured a series of tedious lectures on different philosophies. While "Here's Not Here" was an eye opener for those who are part of Team Morgan, the perspectives of the Alexandrians from episode "Now" were unoriginal. We've seen multiple gruesome thoughts from characters throughout The Walking Dead; these recycled thoughts that were engraved in the Alexandrians will only gain viewers' apathy.

This latest episode further proves that the first half season is redundant although this is by far the best of season 6. While some GIFs below will make you wonder about the purpose of first half season, some GIFs might shed some hope onto this season.

1. This episode decides to cut off the relationship build-up between the Alexandrians and the fans.

Was there any relationship between the Alexandrians and the viewers? Do we sympathize these deaths as much as we sympathize Glenn who went missing after "Thank you"?

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If the zombies devoured them because their characters were not as developed as the viewers wanted, then their appearances in the first half of season 6 are an experiment to test out the audience's reactions. Doesn't that make the first half of the season unnecessary?

The chemistry that built up between Rick and Jessie is wasted. The hopeful moment to see Ron and Sam change for the better is now down the drain. Do we care, ultimately?

2. The Wolves' final member dies off

We thought he was going to do something off-the-charts. We thought he was going to kill off all the Alexandrians. But Negan is coming so we don't quite need him anymore, do we?

So, what's the point of having The Wolves again? Could they be related to Negan the maleficent?

3. "God has given us courage to win this war"

It's interesting to see everyone coming to their senses with their Rambo mode on for the sake of the town. FINALLY! The scene becomes a battlefield between 16 people and hundreds (and possibly thousands) of zombies. It is unbelievable; nonetheless, many unbelievable things has already happened on TWD.

4. Carl loses one eye

This scene is recreated from the comics but it was quite unexpected (in my opinion). Carl has some noticeable growth in his character but hopefully losing an eye means another chapter of growth!

5. Zombies committing suicide

Why didn't they think/mention of that in earlier episodes?

Did this episode left you feeling passionately hopeful? Or do you think that this season will continue to burn?

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