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The 18th episode of Supergirl on CBS will give us our first real on-screen interaction between Melissa Benoist's Supergirl and Grant Gustin's The Flash. With the episode titled 'World's Finest,' we can't even begin to imagine what this means for the story! To understand what we are looking at for possible storylines, we need to understand a little bit more about the World's Finest comic history.

1941-1986: World's Best Comics evolves into World's Finest Comics

World's Best Comics, #1
World's Best Comics, #1

The World's Finest storyline was started by National Periodical Publications under the name World's Best Comics and later by DC Comics, beginning in the Summer of 1941. DC Comics changed the name of the series to World's Finest Comics in its second issue (#2). Ending in January of 1986, the series primarily focused on team-up adventures between Batman and Superman. The series had many villains but our main supervillains were Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Joker.

Something interesting to note, is that while Supergirl did appear in the World's Finest Comics series, The Flash did not!

2012-2015: Franchise Reboot and More Stories!

Worlds' Finest, #1
Worlds' Finest, #1

In July 2012, DC Comics rebooted the series under the name Worlds' Finest. (Yes, all they did was move the apostrophe.) This comic originally featured the adventures of Earth-2 characters Power Girl and Huntress. The series ran until May 2015. The series does exist in the New 52 universe which has had many nods throughout our Flarrowverse (for example, the 52 breaches in The Flash). While we have seen Huntress, we have yet to see a version of Power Girl. Which brings to light another question: will we see Power Girl introduced between now and Episode 18?

What hasn't been confirmed is if we will be seeing a Winn or James interaction with Cisco or Caitlin. Caitlin Snow may not be the best interaction, but Cisco and Winn would be a promising interaction. If it were to happen, we could make a safe bet on it being a villain naming session! You know... Cisco likes to name villains, Winn likes to name villains, what could they come up with together?

A major advantage to this crossover is that it ropes in the Flarrowverse with Supergirl. This means we could also see villains cross over. While we have only seen Captain Boomerang cross over so far, this doesn't mean it won't happen more in the future! We could see older villains from Arrow Season 1 or Flash Season 1 make an appearance. Could you see a Weather Wizard vs. Supergirl battle? I could!

In Conclusion...

While it's a safe bet that the story for this episode will be related to the comic books, there are nearly 50 years' worth of stories that they can borrow from, which helps to promise an awesome episode! No matter how we look at this crossover, we can guarantee it will be awesome and we will see two great characters working for the greater good!

'Supergirl's' 18th episode (featuring the Supergirl/Flash crossover) will air on Monday March 28th at 8 PM!

In the meantime, enjoy this awesome poster made by BossLogix!

Courtesy of BossLogix
Courtesy of BossLogix

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