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Wow! Just a little over a month away from BvS and everyone is already speculating on the next movies in the DCEU. I am one of those people. From the few previews we've gotten of BvS and keen eyes analyzing everything, we may have seen a preview of one of my personal favorite groups in the DC Comics Universe. The New Gods. With possible sighting on the BvS preview of Parademons and maybe even the symbol for Darkseid, I'm getting very excited.

First of all a little background. Jack Kirby is known to most comic fans as co-creator of many of Marvels revolutionary Silver Age Comics heroes including the Fantastic Four, Avengers,X-Men,Iron Man etc,etc. Truly Comics royalty. In the early 1970's,due to creative and monetary concerns, Kirby jumped ship to DC Comics to do his own ideas. Those ideas culminated with his personal magnum opus in the 4th World,as it came to be known, featuring Kirby's characters known as New Gods. The New Gods included both good and evil Gods mirroring essentially a Heaven versus Hell allegory. Kirby's 4th World stretched across 4 different titles including Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, The New Gods,The Forever People, and finally Mister Miracle. The basic struggle was fought between the leader of the good New Gods, High father, from the ideallic Heaven like plant New Genesis, and the evil Darkseid, ruler of the Hell like planet of Apokolips. The basic premise of the struggle was that Darkseid was searching for the Anti-life Equation which would allow him to subjugate and control everyone in the universe. The main warrior in the fight against Darkseid was his own son Orion who had grown up on New Genesis. Great characters with all of the hopes and problems inherent to Kirby's creations.

So with that in mind we begin seeing possible signs of the arrival of these New Gods. At least Darkseid for now. It would be amazing to see the other denizins of Apokolips and New Genesis but I'll take Darkseid for now . Darkseid has been part of DC animation since the 1980's as the big bad guy in the last couple seasons of the Super friends and later as a villians in numerous DC animated movies and series. Darkseid was also the antagonist of Superman in the final season of Smallville. So, he has appeared in the small screen but a big screen debut will be amazing. The rumor concerning Darkseid is that he may even be the big bad in the upcoming Justice League movie. Wow! The JLA versus the God of evil. If Darkseid really is going to appear in Justice League in can't have a better villain. I would like to hope that somewhere down the line, we can even get the other members of the New Gods in an amazing cosmic opera that would make Guardians of the Galaxy look like Snow White. As far as I'm concerned, bring on the New Gods.


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