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Yesterday, while you were either basking smugly in romantic kinship or wallowing in lonely singledom, the most elusive of Valentine's dates, Lara Croft, celebrated her birthday. Rise of the Tomb Raider's loading screen even revealed a secret Easter Egg to confirm it:

So, we know the gutsy archaeologist was born on February 14, but how old did she turn in 2016? Oddly enough, the answer depends on which Lara Croft you're talking about...

Lara Croft (Original Timeline)

Born: February 14, 1968

Age: 48

This ruggedly polygonal debut Lara turned 48 this year, and you can only presume that those pointed pixels have become somewhat deflated since. After surviving a plane crash at the age of 21, Ms. Croft embarked on her first adventure, hunting tyrannical tigers and a bloodthirsty T. rex.

Lara Croft (Legend Timeline)

Born: Early to mid 1970s

Age: 46 - 51

Crystal Dynamics's rebooted Lara has a slightly more nebulous birthdate, but may be even older than her original incarnation. This time the feisty Brit was just 9-years-old when she experienced her first plane crash (she doesn't seem to have much luck with air travel) and must by now be contending with some rather unpleasant joint pain.

Lara Croft (Survivor Timeline)

Born: February 14, 1992

Age: 24

The second rebooted timeline saw the arrival of a more inexperienced and considerably younger adventurer. Turning 24 in 2016, this version of Lara has only just begun her tomb raiding career, with countless priceless artifacts still waiting to be discovered in her future.

Lara Croft (Movie Timeline)

Born: April 17th 1972

Age: 43

Lara Croft was subjected to a number of canonical changes during her migration to the big screen, not least her actual birthday. Angeline Jolie was herself just 25 when filming for the first movie began and her sprightly physique most definitely shone through. Check her out in action below:

Croft's filmic biography would put the character in her mid 40s right now. If you were too busy canoodling during Valentine's, you've still got time to prepare your Tomb Raider birthday celebrations when the April date rolls around in a couple of months.

How old did you think Lara Croft was?


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