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Disney movies might be woven together with gossamer threads of romance and magic, but when you cross with Nicholas Sparks's classic , you are transported to a whole new world of passion.

Cosmopolitan has once again teamed up with the awesome Isaiah Stephens to merge these two Goliaths of fluttering hearts, butterfly filled stomachs and passionate lip locks, but which scene do you think Disney does best?

Ariel and Eric

I suppose being a bird is a tad more glamorous than being a humanoid fish, but I still prefer Ariel's original bikini.

Mulan and Li Shang

Mulan and Li Shang are so well matched, they were clearly going to make it to old age.

Pocahontas and John Smith

Pocahontas has never been afraid to look death in the face so laying on the road must be a total breeze.

Rapunzel and Flynn

Somehow I think that if Flynn were really in that boat it would have capsized already.

Jasmine and Aladdin

I think I'd take a magic carpet ride over a soggy old downpour any day, but Aladdin and Jasmine are rocking the deluge with style.

Kristoff, Anna, and Hans

To be honest with you, hanging off a ferris wheel like a total psycho seems like more of a Hans move to me.

Aurora and Prince Phillip

Repeat after me: They're just sleeping, they're just sleeping, THEY'RE JUST SLEEPING.

Which 'Notebook' scene hits you right in the feels every time?

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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