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With all this Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet mania upon us in recent months, our hearts have been looking back to the movie that sparked it all off. Back in 1997, Titanic hit the big screen and unleashed a tirade of emotions as we set sail on one of the most romantic journey's ever with Jack and Rose — here's the trailer as a reminder:

Movie aside, to this day the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912, remains one of the most disastrous maritime incidents of the 20th century. After all, at the time that it set sail it was considered to be the 'greatest ship ever built,' before it disappeared into the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg.

And now, with the memory of the catastrophe still with us and the recent success of the blockbuster, Australian businessman Clive Palmer has taken upon himself to bring the Titanic RMS to life again. Because there's really nothing like getting that adrenaline pumping like tempting fate, is there?

An amazing $570 million replica of the ocean liner is scheduled to set sail once again in 2018, naturally with enhanced technology and safety features to prevent disaster striking again.

A series of images has now been released, giving us a glimpse at the splendor that Titanic 2 will offer its passengers — as far as we know, this includes nine decks, 840 cabins, smoking rooms, Turkish baths, an Edwardian gym, and of course, the classic staircase featured in the 1997 movie:

If you're curious about the opulent set up in the works, here's your chance to find out, as some stunning CGI pics have just been released — note that some elements are retained purely for historical significance:

The original staircase v. the replica
The original staircase v. the replica

Apparently, the liner will have the capacity for 2,435 (plus 900 crew members) and intends to whisk passengers from China to Dubai, avoiding the infamous iceberg-laden route that brought down the original vessel in 1912. Yet, as great as all of this seems, I have to say... there's something eerie about a new cruise ship bearing such a close resemblance to the one that continues to be a watery grave for over a thousand people.

Now only time will tell which brave souls will summon up the courage to board this replica. For their sake, let's just hope there are enough lifeboats this time around.

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