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[Spoilers ahead for 'Deadpool'!]

Deadpool is definitely the most risqué Marvel comic-based movie yet. Breaking the fourth wall throughout, Deadpool is one big meta spoof as Wade Wilson gleefully pokes fun of Marvel's greatest hits, and Ryan Reynolds's biggest flops. Before the film was released, a tantalizing clip teased that we might see the Merc with the Mouth engage in some back-door fun...

...and when the film was released we were treated to just that, but not exactly how we'd expected.

Deadpool Gets Pegged

Vanessa and Wade have some awesome sexual chemistry. Their flirting is a casual game of childhood trauma one-up-man-ship, and after Wade spends hundreds of dollars for the privilege of taking Vanessa out on a date, we are treated to one of the movie's best montages, as the lovebirds fuck their way through the year.

Wade and Vanessa's first date.
Wade and Vanessa's first date.

Some of the highlights of this montage include sex amidst a giant roast dinner (Thanksgiving), and a moment of calm right in the middle as the couple opt to read a book instead (Lent). But the best part has to be when the camera pans around from Wade's slightly uncomfortable but very turned on face, to reveal Vanessa casually adjusting her strap on.

"Happy International Woman's day!"

So there you have it folks: the person to get taken "right up main street" is none other than Wade himself. Defying our expectations? Yes. Hilarious? You betcha! Oh Deadpool movie, you really are the perfect adaptation of the source material.

Interestingly enough, this isn't Marvel's first experience with anal sex: Jessica Jones popped that cherry last year, in the first episode no less. And in both instances it seems to be the lady's choice...

"I want to try something new."

So is this opening the door for more risqué sex scenes in Marvel movies? It's possible, especially if we get more films above a PG-13 rating. With Deadpool already smashing records at the box office, this seems more and more likely.

Unfortunately, Wade doesn't get the chance to return the favor in Deadpool, as right after Vanessa invites him to do her the same way, Wade faints because of his late-onset cancer. Yeesh.

Aside from the tragedy of Wade's story, the couple's Woman's Day celebration was a neat little twist to what we expected to see. And what's more quintessentially Deadpool than that?!


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