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Karly Rayner

Knowing Deadpool, he would probably initially be disappointed by the double entendre in the title, but any smart superhero knows that imitation is the best form of flattery... especially when it has been executed by a cat.

Say whatttttttt?
Say whatttttttt?

The life-brightening bunch at Cat Cosplay have crafted their very own 'Meow with the Mouth' and the costume even features Deadpool's soulless white eyes and two miniature double swords for slaying during any unexpected cat fights. Perhaps most impressively for a cat, the ferocious fur ball has also mastered Deadpool's signature phrases with gusto:

With Deadpool's healing ability and a cat's mythical nine lives (not to mention the fact that they like to shit in a box), it's clear that kitties were just meant to be Wade T. Wilson's spirit animal and even the Today show briefly recognized this fact:

Do you think a cat is Deadpool's spirit animal? Discuss!


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