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The superhero world is filled to the brim with characters, each and every one an individual in their own way. And now, a survey has scoured the entire fictional universe to find out which of these extraordinary beings would make the best movie characters to date.

Indeed, just in time for Valentine's Day, Thor and Black Widow were named the "most dateable" superheroes by movie ticket site Fandango. Check them both out in action in Avengers: Age of Ultron:

To come up with these results, 1,000 movie-goers were polled and grilled about their love lives, as well as asked who the most datable stars from last year's movies were. And I don't know about you guys, but I've found the conclusive winners quite surprising.

For starters, isn't Thor meant to be an immortal god who spends most of his time parading around in another dimension, and doesn't Black Widow have major issues with showing her emotions? I guess for the majority of fans, good looks totally trump personality traits.

Fandango also went on to highlight that Black Widow beat out competition from Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss, Daisy Ridley's Rey, Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele, and even Michelle Rodriguez's Letty from Furious 7.

Again, you have to admit, these ladies are hardly our idea of the conventional dream woman — for example, one carries a pretty huge family burden, another has a penchant for kinky sex, another hides major abandonment issues, while the last one loves her dangerous driving — definitely not the kind of girl you want to bring home to your folks, that's for sure. But they're hot and we love 'em all the same, so they're in!

Turning to the guys, following Hemsworth's lead comes Robert Downey Jr.'s emotionally-redundant narcissist Tony Stark, Chris Evans's Steve Rogers (who basically lives in the past), Daniel Craig's STI-ridden (probably, let's be real) James Bond, and Robert B. Jordan's Adonis Johnson from Creed. The latter in particular having quite the problem with keeping his anger issues under control.

Yet, it seems that the managing editor of Fandango, Erik David, totally understands why fans are willing to look past these human flaws, claiming that the fact that Thor and Black Widow came first actually makes perfect sense:

"Thor and Black Widow both represent fantasy fulfillment and they are both exotic, intriguing and mysterious. It doesn't hurt that Thor is from another world, seen with his shirt off and has the long-flowing blonde hair. It's very appetizing for people. Black Widow is fiercely independent, strong, and she wears black leather outfits, which isn't a bad thing."

Which movie character would you date?


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