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Warning: 'Deadpool' spoilers up ahead!

When it comes to Marvel, a good ol' cameo is a regular occurrence. And when it's got to do with revered comic book creator Stan Lee, fans know that it's really gonna be good!

The latest movie to offer up one of the best cameo appearances is Deadpool. If you haven't seen it or aren't familiar with the NSFW trailer, here it is once again:

Jumping straight to it, the moment comes along when Wade Wilson is searching for Vanessa in the unexpected venue of a strip club she works in. And guess who turns out to be the host at the red light den? None other than Stan Lee himself!

Yep, the 93-year-old appears introducing the naked ladies onto the stage — he even yells, "Give it up for Chastity!" Nice one!

And in standard Stan The Man fashion, the godfather of Marvel has also revealed that this cameo is in fact his favorite out of all the ones he's done throughout the years. When asked which one he loved doing the best, he said:

"This one! I'm not so dumb."

As for anything that he would change about Deadpool, he joked that he would have enjoyed a bigger cameo, as well as more nudity! That'll be the two of us then.

Did you spot Stan Lee's cameo in 'Deadpool'?



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