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WARNING: Possible spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' TV and comic series ahead. Proceed with caution.

Last night's midseason premiere of The Walking Dead was utterly mind blowing, with massive casualties and genuinely amazing moments.

But while the episode was great in itself, it was also extremely exciting for those of us who are also fans of the comic series, because of the sheer number of scenes that mirrored the source material. Seriously, it was out of control, and it was awesome.

Take a look below to see just how closely 'No Way Out' mirrored the comic series, and tell me what your favorite comic book moment from the episode was in the comments section:

1. The roadside massacre

While there were some big differences in this scene, overall it was heavily inspired by the comic series, so it's worth a comparison.

Basically, the TV show massacre of Negan's men led by Daryl was essentially the same as an attack that Rick led on a similar group in Issue 97 of the comics. In both scenarios the groups were ambushed, but the difference between the two storylines was that in the comic, Rick left one man alive to report the situation back to Negan, whereas the raiders on the TV show seem to have been entirely obliterated. Despite the slight differences in the type of attacks, and who was present for them, I think ultimately it will lead to the same thing it led to in the comic series: war.

2. Rick hacking away at Jessie

Ever since the midseason finale aired, fans of the comic book have been waiting for this one! Despite Rick having romantic feelings for Jessie, this scene showed that ultimately he would do anything for his son when he literally hacked her hand off to separate her from Carl.

While in the TV show Rick might not have actually said the words, "I'm sorry," you could certainly see his apologetic and devastated look as images of Jessie flashed through his mind and what he had to do dawned on him.

3. Carl's eye being shot out

While the series of events leading to Carl's eye being blown out weren't exactly the same as in the comic series, the moment when Rick realizes what's happened to his son is exactly the same. The comic book panel from Issue 83 is pretty classic, and Chandler Riggs in his role as Carl totally nailed it — that helpless little "Dad?" was utterly heartbreaking.

4. The Alexandrians finding their backbone

One of the greatest moments of the episode was when the Alexandrians peered through their windows and saw Rick battling away out on the streets, and one by one all jumped in to help him obliterate the swarming herd. It was a moment of unification and was also a moment straight from Issue 84 of the comic series.

Even Eugene's great line was from the comics:

What a man; what a way with words.

5. Rick's speech to Carl

'No Way Out' ended with a touching moment between father and son in which Rick spoke to an unconscious Carl, sharing his thoughts about what he now sees for the future of Alexandria. The speech is very, very close to the one spoken by Rick in Issue 84 of the comic series, and even ends with the same emotional plea from Rick for his son to live so that he can show him the new world. A truly touching moment to replicate on screen.

What was your favorite comic book moment in 'The Walking Dead,' 'No Way Out'?

Episode 10 of 'The Walking Dead' airs Sunday, February 21 on AMC.



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