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If you've ever been on the User's Guide side of putting together Ikea's flatpack furniture, then chances are you have a first hand account of how torturous an experience that can be. The kind of eye-watering, boring torture that can be easily mocked in movies because everyone knows exactly what you're talking about.

And, for those of you who raced to Deadpool's opening weekend and helped Fox rake in the big bucks, you'll know they did just that. *No real spoilers ahead.*

About midway through the movie, one scene shows the antihero's blind, elderly roommate unsuccessfully attempting to assemble a set of Ikea drawers, and the witty jokes which follow tear into the furniture's funny-sounding (to non-Swedish speakers, sorry) product names.

Considering the lengths and dollars that corporations lay down to snag product placements these days, one would assume that despite the major ribbing, Ikea paid to be part of Deadpool. They didn't. They did, however, ask for this one thing.

Talking to Digital Spy, writer Rhett Reese revealed:

"The one thing we weren't allowed to do is make names up. We had to use real Ikea furniture. There was a wealth of real-life furniture to choose from, so it wasn't a problem."

It would seem that Ikea is totally cool with you LOLing over its products, as long as you do it correctly!

Co-writer Paul Wernick added:

"The fact that Deadpool has been turned into this monster and now he's going on a rant about Ikea - it just says everything about his character at that exact moment."

Also it's not just Wade Wilson's blind roommate who can't assemble Ikea's flatpacks — it seems the real life Deadpool 'ain't so hot at it either!

Do you know your SPARSAM from your FLÄRDFULL?

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