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*** Frank discussion of 'Walking Dead' deaths up to Season 6.5***

The Walking Dead is back again! Rather than mashing the keyboard like a monkey playing the drums, I'll keep it simple: The episode was awesome!

The funny thing about The Walking Dead is that despite — or perhaps because of — the constant threat of one of our favorite characters getting chomped/splattered/shot/stabbed/stuck in a barn for an entire season, we just keep on coming back for more.

When certain main characters were killed, some fans got SUPER MAD. However, according to Forbes, these deaths are beneficial to the show.

Forbes elaborated on its handy infographic:

''Two episodes are tied for the dubious honor of creating the biggest jump in viewership following a main character’s death.
"The self-sacrifice of Andrea in the third season finale posted an increase of 3.71 million viewers from that episode to the fourth season’s premiere, and the eighth episode of the fourth season, which featured the killings of the mild-mannered Hershel and the reviled Governor, created the same 3.71 million viewer bump by bloodshed.''


Which 'Walking Dead' major character death cut you up the most?

We may complain, cry and threaten to quit the show, but those deaths boost the audience, therefore ensuring its future and gifting us with more episodes of The Walking Dead to devour like hungry zombies.

The ones who gave up their lives really did submit to a noble sacrifice...

Sorry you had to relive those terrible moments. Here's a little sneak peek at the next episode of The Walking Dead Season 6, "The Next World," which airs February 21 on AMC.

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Which 'Walking Dead' death upset you the most?

Source: Forbes, Youtube


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