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It looks like Daniel Craig has found a new reason to drop the villain chases and the hot girl rescues. The James Bond actor, who's declared himself already fed up with the franchise, has been announced as the headline of Purity, an exciting new series project currently seeking a 20 episodes order.

The show will be an adaption of Jonathan Franzen's Purity, a novel starring a young Californian woman nicknamed Pip. On her quest to find her father, she'll meet Andreas, the head of a trafficking organization in South America. After The Corrections and Freedom, Purity is one of Franzen's most acclaimed stories and should definitely be great material for a fascinating series.

Scott Rudin
Scott Rudin

Scott Rudin, who produced among others The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with Craig as reporter Mikael Blomkvist, pitched the show to cable networks and streaming services such as Showtime, FX and Netflix. The script will be co-written by Franzen and Todd Field, whose screenwriting work for In the Bedroom and Little Children was nominated at the Oscars.

But most importantly, let's not forget that this will be the first American show for Craig, whose last memorable appearance on US TV was the 1990s epic Our Friends From the North. Hopefully he'll bring back the same hairstyle.

Have you read the book? Since the rest of the cast remains a mystery, who would you imagine to play Pip?


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