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Spoilers for Season 3, episode 4 lie ahead...

It has been four weeks since The 100 returned to screens, and following a reasonably slow start, episode 4 'Watch The Thrones' finally packed that 100-punch we had all been waiting for. While last week's episode closed on the destruction of Mt. Weather (and subsequent deaths of many members of Sky Crew, sorry, Skaikru) and the formation of the 13th clan, 'Watch The Thrones' opened with a throw down of epic proportions.

Even producer/creator Jason Rothenberg tweeted his excitement of the episode:

Fight To The Death

The Ice Queen, following her clan's brutal massacre of Sky Crew in Mt. Weather, is confronted by Commander Lexa and sentenced to death. In a twist of un-diplomatic fate, the Ice Queen challenges Lexa to a fight to the death, electing her exiled son, Roan, to fight on behalf of the the Ice Nation for control of the clans. Lexa, being the badass commander angel of doom that she is, elects herself, exclaiming:

"I'm the Commander. No one fights for me."

Ugh, be still my beating heart.

Something's Brewing In Arkadia

Meanwhile, back at Arkadia, the politics rage on. Kane and Abby put their faith in Lexa and Clarke, that they will make the Ice Nation pay for their act of war at Mt. Weather. Pike disagrees, and it looks like a schism is forming between the members of Sky Crew who support the coalition with the Grounders, and those who do not. Bellamy blames himself for what happened at Mt. Weather, and is highly influenced by Pike to commit treason, arming the anti-coalition members of Sky Crew against the 300 Grounders who are 'protecting' them from the outside.

No One Fights For Me

All the stuff going on at Arkadia is all very politics-y and frustrating, so let's get back to the action. Lexa takes on Roan in possibly the best moment of the season so far. The fight is superb and brutal:


And ultimately it is Lexa who, in a very Mockingjay: Part 2-esque twist, launches her spear into the stomach of the Ice Queen, exclaiming:

"The Queen is dead, long live the King!"

Roan looks, understandably, pretty shocked, and everyone else is highly impressed. Yay Lexa!

'Let's Finish What We Started'

Back at Sky Crew HQ, the plan to arm and attack the Grounders is thwarted by Lincoln and Kane, but despite this, it is Pike who wins over the remaining members of Arkadia, after his ideologies secure him the position of Chancellor following his bold act of treason. THIS IS BAD NEWS FOR THE COALITION.

And bad news for Lexa, who is being patched up by Clarke post-fight. The sexual tension is palpable. Writers, you know what to do.

The next episode of 'The 100,' titled 'Hakeldama' (which is Aramaic, and means “field of blood” – wat!) hits screens next Sunday on the CW.


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