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Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have never had an easy relationship, and come May the bubbling tension between the two heroes will escalate into war.

In the run up to [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), Marvel has made it official: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are having problems in their relationship. Check out the post from Marvel's Captain America page confirming his new relationship status with Iron Man...

Ouch. There's nothing more painful that the good old Facebook freeze-out, and it looks like Cap is only too happy to let all their friends know that he and Tony aren't so friendly any more.

Though to be honest, Steve and Tony's relationship has pretty much always been "complicated." The two heroes don't seem to have agreed on anything since they were first introduced to each other in The Avengers (2010).

In Civil War, Steve and Tony's friendship is torn apart as they stand on different sides of the issue of whether the Avengers should be subject to government intervention. Of course, it doesn't help that Cap's old friend Bucky Barnes is back from the dead, and recovering from his time as the Winter Soldier.

Although he was brainwashed into committing multiple acts of assassination, it seems as though many people still hold Bucky responsible for HYDRA's crimes... and none more than Tony Stark. Which makes sense, considering the fact that the Winter Soldier is probably the one who killed Tony's parents.

Bucky just casually tries to shoot Tony in the face
Bucky just casually tries to shoot Tony in the face

With Steve standing by his old pal, it's no surprise that his friendship with Tony is strained. Can they make the transition back to friends from their current "complicated" status? We'll just have to wait for Civil War's release to find out!


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