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Disney Princesses provide a particularly enchanting canvas for artists to show off their skills with and the talented Mari945 has collaborated with Belle, Ariel, Tiana and the like to create some stunning anime inspired portraits.

Check out the gallery below and see which one you deem the fairest of them all!

Snow White

The saying about your eyes being bigger than your stomach might actually be true in Snow White's case.


Ariel might live under the sea, but she won't let that stop her mascara game being on point.


Mulan might not have become a brave warrior yet, but you can see the mischief brewing in her eyes.


Aurora is serving serious Princess Peach realness.


"Now it's no wonder that her name means Beauty. Her looks have got no parallel!"


Kida's on trend hairstyle totally suits the anime look.


Cheer up Cinderella, you're wearing the enchanted dress of your dreams FFS.


Tiana knows how to own that tiara game.


Rapunzel looks just as stunning in 2D.

Which anime inspired Disney princess would win your beauty contest?

(Source: Imgur)


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