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By now you've probably heard the infamous and nightmarish tale of Christopher Howard Wolf and his illicit trip to Mowgli's Palace, the defunct Disney playground resort on Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

The story has circulated around the net for quite some time and although deep down we suspect there never really was a Mowgli's Palace, the author has packed the tale with so much gripping detail you can't help but wonder... what if?

For those of you unfamiliar, read on:

What is/was Mowgli's Palace?

Supposedly, Mowgli's Palace is a $30 million resort based on the various locations in both Rudyard Kipling's story and the animated version of The Jungle Book. It would have transformed its base on Emerald Isle, North Carolina into a lush, tropical island bursting with exotic flora and fauna.

Despite overcoming obstacles from disapproving locals, Mowgli's Palace was given the go-ahead and was apparently fully staffed when it abruptly shut down days before the grand opening.

Nobody knows why.

Then, Christopher Wolf a.k.a. Slimebeast, decided to break in. His account is below, using summaries written by Gregory Burkart of blumhouse.

Abandoned By Disney

Walking around the overground grounds, Wolf slipped into the venue easily, camera in hand. He sensed immediately something was off.

It began with the ominous graffiti scrawled across every exposed surface… always the same three-word phrase:
It continued as he took in the mass destruction of virtually every square inch of the property.
That’s when he began to hear the whispers.
Tiny fragments of conversation seemed to echo around every corner, particularly inside the central “Palace” structure, itself. Just handfuls of words, but seemingly from two different people… “I didn’t believe it… I didn’t know… your father told you…”

Then, venturing deeper into the palace lobby, he encountered something even stranger: a stairwell leading down to a small, closed white door. The door was the only surface not defaced or damaged in the entire building; the only markings were neatly stenciled black letters, spelling out the words MASCOTS ONLY.

Despite his unease, Wolf’s curiosity provoked him to try the lock on the door… which was surprisingly easy to pry off.

Although he expected to find the room totally destroyed, it seemed as though everything had been left as it was on the day the park closed - almost as if the staff had left in a hurry. Food sat on plates which sat on chairs, office supplies were arranged on desks and clothes were still hanging on hooks. Weird.

He continued,

The main room branched off into a narrow corridor, and as Wolf ventured further down that hall, he sensed that he was moving at a slight downward slope, descending further beneath the palace. He rounded a turn, and saw signs that some kind of disruption had taken place — chairs tossed crazily into the corridor, large puddles of stagnant water, and papers strewn across the floor. The fluorescent lights overhead, which had been mostly functioning in the break room, were only flickering sporadically here.

When he tried to touch any object in the corridor, it felt weirdly soft and porous, as if it was in the process of dissolving.

Wolf was surrounded by giant-sized costumes of several classic Disney characters, most hung on wall hooks with their oversized heads attached. Thrilled at his discovery, he began to snap pictures of everything he saw.

That’s when he noticed one particular costume was different from the others.

Slumped to the floor, it looked like Mickey Mouse… but the familiar colors of the Disney mascot were all wrong. It looked like a photo-negative of Mickey, with the black and white coloring inverted, and the familiar red overalls were an eerie blue.

So this is roughly the moment I would have totally lost my shit and danced out of that place pronto, but not Wolf...

It didn’t take him long to realize that the object had been a human skull.

Dropping the Donald head in horror, Wolf turned to make a beeline for the door… but found his way blocked by the Mickey costume, which was now standing up and facing him.

Nearly paralyzed with fear, he tried to snap one quick picture of the room’s nightmarish tenant, but his viewfinder showed only black pixels where the figure stood. That’s when it spoke to him.

“Hey,” Mickey said in a hushed, whispery version of his familiar high-pitched voice. “Wanna see my head come off?”

According to the summary, his recount of the experience gets a little indecipherable around this point but it leads to many questions - what the hell is this story? A tale tale, a fabrication? Does this place even exist? If it does, why did it close down? And why are their human skulls inside the mascots?

Whatever is going on here, it's creepy as shit.

Widely dismissed as a hoax most people believe Mowgli's Palace was a total fabrication. But then...

Do you think Mowgli’s Palace really exists?



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