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I’d like this article to serve a dual purpose as both my written review of Deadpool the movie and my thoughts on what its success will do to change the landscape of superhero movies as a whole.

This movie should not surprise many in its format as it sticks to many of the staples of a superhero origin movie, we get glimpses of Wade’s life before, during, and after the experiment, we see the connective tissue laying the ground for an eventual X-men crossover and we saw the development of Deadpool’s “team” What I loved about this film was that it never took itself too seriously (like Kick-ass did) which allowed the audience to engage with the film in a way I had never seen before.

We all know by now what happened for this film to get made which is why I feel this movie will be seen years from now as a ground breaking film due to its ability to hit all the big needs for Hollywood success.

1. Great cast

2. Great writing

3. Solid fan base

4. Franchise capability w rogues gallery

5. R rated comedy/action/superhero mix

What this movie really excites me is the chance of seeing bigger DC and Marvel properties being taken to the R rated level between Deadpool and the upcoming R rated Killing Joke animated movie it has now been established that R rated films have an audience and a demand that is worthy of a franchise these are not one shot wonders that somehow found box office success, these are films that fans have wanted forever and the world now knows it

The last thing I will touch on here other than my hope that suicide squad somehow goes R rated is that Deadpool was by far the most true comic to screen adaptation of a character I have EVER seen and I truly can’t wait for more from this crew!!

Go see Deadpool today its gets our first ever A+++ rating!!!


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