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Ok, the title is unfair. Eddie Redmayne is great, apart from when he's doing his Voldemort impressions (see Jupiter's Ascending - or then again, maybe don't), and the latest instalment of the Harry Potter universe looks very exciting.

However ever since the movies of the main series had finished, there had been a gap in the movie market for YA magical movies. Whilst the Hunger Games filled the berth for YA fiction, and the Divergent and Maze Runner movies bloated it to bad proportions, there are is a great series of novels out there for for new movie material. Look no further then the Skullduggery Pleasant series by Irish author Derek Landy.

The Books

The Skullduggery Pleasant Series has nine books, plus several short stories released with the novels and a spin off Suicide Squad style novel. The books are written by Irish author Derek Landy, and the first book of the same as name as the series was released in 2007. The books are a fantasy genre, centred around a hidden magical community.


The books centre around the name character Skullduggery Pleasant, a skeleton who was killed in war but is kept alive my magic and his desire for revenge over his family who was killed in front of him.

Along for the ride initially is Stephanie Edgely, an Irish teenage girl who has inherited her rich, deceased uncle's house. It is through this uncle that Stephanie is introduced to the world of magic, as she saved by Skullduggery Pleasant when a break in to Stephanie's uncle house turns violent.

Stephanie is hooked on the idea of magic, and will not let Skullduggery abandon her to her boring life back home. Stephanie's is the main journey you follow throughout the books, as she grows more and more powerful, adopting the name Valkryie Cain and mastering more and branches of music, eventually rising to a level of skill beyond her mentor Skullduggery. From the beginning along for the ride are a stellar cast of diverse characters, including vampires, a teleporter and many other characters with miraculous powers. These characters combine in order to fight against great powers of evil, sorcerers of dark magic, in an epic struggle that has defined the magical community.

The book featured a great deal of strong female characters, notably Valkryie Cain, who grows more and more powerful and independent throughout the series. The cast is diverse, featuring magicians from many different cultures. What's more exciting though is the very different nature of the magic on store. These books are very different from any other, with their blend of mind boggling magical powers, terrifying creatures and expansive and entrapping back story.

Ok Great, so Where are These Movies?

In October 2014, author Derek Landy stated that he was currently working on a script, but was also occupied with the novel side of the series. The first book had previously been in development as a movie, but Landy refused to proceed as he did not like the script. As of yet there is no real talk for the making of the movie, but this is definitely a series worth talking, and would make for a great series of movies.


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