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Joshua Howse-Stuart

Deadpool managed to earn just over $150m at the US box office over the four-day President's Weekend and already is the highest opening of all time for an R-rated movie.

Deadpool took a very unusual turn for a comic-book orientated movie when Tim Miller's Deadpool more than quadrupled its $58m budget at the global box office, taking an outstanding $260m worldwide.

After some great footage of Ryan Reynolds was leaked on the, internet the movie was instantly green-lit and lapped up by fans from all around the world.

The outstanding, but unexpected success of Deadpool meant that other R-rated movies such as the comedy sequel 'Zoolander 2' ended up doing poorly at the box office with just $15.7m on its debut.

The Guardian’s Nigel M Smith described the latter as “silly and fun until it wears out its welcome,” adding: “Johnson comes out unscathed with a naturalistic performance that provides a wonderful counter to Rebel Wilson’s brazenly outlandish turn as her boozing best pal.”


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