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Daredevil is returning for Season 2 very soon, and after the trailer dropped yesterday, we got our first real look at the punishment that's coming in a little over a month (see what I did there? clever, I know). Daredevil is one of those characters that most people know at least a few basics about. Matt Murdock, son of failed boxer Battlin' Jack Murdock, was blinded by a radioactive isotope that fell from a truck. Although blinded, he soon discovered that his other senses had been heightened to incredible levels. He pushed his mind and body to become equipped to find justice in the courtroom as a lawyer, and on the streets as the vigilante known as Daredevil.

For Marvel fans, we were excited for the original film but after its release, many of us choose to just forget about it. Then the Netflix era hit and we were introduced to Daredevil again, and it was a smash hit. Season 2 is approaching, and with that I thought we'd look at a few things you may not know about the Man Without Fear.

8. He moved to San Francisco

Normally Daredevil is associated with being Hell's Kitchen's protector, yet there was a time when the writers decided he needed a change of pace. After the fairly grim tale that turned Daredevil from protector to its de facto Kingpin, Mark Wald decided that he needed a break. Daredevil left the dark streets of Hell's Kitchen and moved across to San Francisco. This move brought with it a more happy go lucky Matt Murdock who lived in the moment and found a little slice of peace as I'm sure he enjoyed the change of scenery. (See what I did there? Cuz he's blind...)

7. He was almost paired up with two other Marvel characters

There was a time when Daredevil wasn't the popular character that he is now. Before Frank Miller and Ann Nocenti revitalized the character with their iconic runs, Daredevil was in dire straits. In the '70s, Marvel considered combining Daredevil with another character with slumping sales: Iron Man. Yes, that's right, our beloved Tony Stark was once sputtering out and the idea ever so briefly crossed the minds at Marvel to combine the stories. If that doesn't seem strange enough, there was also supposed to be a Daredevil/Ka-Zar annual in 1998 which would pair both the Man Without Fear and the basic equivalent to Tarzan. Obviously, that never happened and we're all glad it didn't.

6. He was THIS close to already having a television series

The Netflix series has brought new vision and life to the Daredevil character after the lackluster film from 2003, but what you may not have known is that there were a couple of other attempts to bring the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to television. With the popularity of the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno show The Incredible Hulk came an idea to create a made-for-TV movie sequel which would introduce Matt Murdock. The movie was going to involve Matt defending Bruce Banner and also include some ninja action. The movie was intended to lead into its own television series. This wasn't the first attempt at a Daredevil show though, the first was, needless to say, quite a bit stranger. Angie Bowie wanted to bring the character to life alongside Ben Carruthers as Daredevil, with Bowie playing Black Widow.

5. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a parody of Daredevil

Before Marvel decided to bring Daredevil to Netflix, his popularity was weak, to say the least. Most people only vaguely remember the character after the 2003 film and they probably don't remember the comics, but back in the day before the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became the pop-culture icons that they are, they were intended to be a mockery of Daredevil and the X-Men. Their name was modeled after the teenaged X-Men, and the ninja came from Daredevil. In Daredevil's story, he is trained by Stick, which is why the Turtles' mentor is named Splinter. Daredevil also often faces off against the Hand, which in turn is why the Turtle's always fought the foot clan.

4. He almost had an animated cartoon in the '80s

Yes, the graphically violent character we know as Daredevil almost joined the animated cartoons of the generation. There was a cartoon planned that would have introduced Daredevil and his trusted sidekick "Lightning the Super Dog." Yes, this really almost happened. The animated cartoon was planned at a time when Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was incredibly successful. Marvel was looking to continue that success with a character who had yet to appear in his own series, so they turned to Daredevil.

3. He's regained his sight before (multiple times, actually)

The theme of a hero losing his or her powers is pretty prevalent throughout comics, and that includes Daredevil. His power loss often comes in a different way though, as his powers fade when he regains his sight. Over the years, Daredevil has actually regained his sight a few times. Once while switching bodies with Doctor Doom, another after a run-in with Moon Dragon: she restores his sight in order to get out of a jam after she is injured. Daredevil loses his powers and asks her to change him back so he can fight. He also regains his sight after the Beyonder wishes to hire Matt Murdock to be his lawyer as he tries to take over the world. He has also gained his sight back while on a secret SHIELD mission, as they had actually 'rewired' his brain to give him a new personality.

2. He has terrible luck with women

Matt Murdock has had his share of romantic trysts over his tenure in the comics including Karen Page (leaves and becomes addicted to heroine), Heather Glenn (turns to drinking and commits suicide), Milla Donovan (driven insane by Mr. Fear and is institutionalized), and Elektra (killed by Bullseye). The lone bright spot in his relationships was his time with Black Widow. For several years, she co-starred in the Daredevil comics when the two moved to San Francisco. The two had a relationship and eventually broke it off, but remained friends. Daredevil eventually returned to New York and Natasha went off on her own again.

1. His identity has been exposed several times

As far as secret identities go, Daredevil has some of the worst luck when it comes to actually keeping it a secret. Over his tenure in comics, his identity has been revealed or discovered by just about everyone. There have been countless friends and opponents who have learned the truth about Daredevil's true identity including The Kingpin, Elektra, Ben Urich, Bullseye, Purple Man, Black Widow and at one point Spider-Man reveals Matt as Daredevil in a letter. During the 'Born Again' story arc, Karen, Matt's love interest, moves to California and becomes addicted to heroin and joins the adult film industry. Eventually Karen sells him out for drug money.

Hopefully, you've learned something after reading this article and it just makes you all the more excited for Season 2 to premiere on Netflix this March. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out below.


What's your favorite little-know fact about Daredevil?


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