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It's a cry of pain that I'm expressing today. The fear that one of my favorite shows is slowly losing its way, due in part to a less consistent writing, but also to politics concerning the DCTV Universe and its restrictions less and less clear. Arrow is the show that I feel has been the most badly served by this situation. It's only my own opinion and you could totally disagree with me but I feel like something is wrong.

This is a very pessimistic article and one I wish was not necessary to write but today I feel like I have to. I had hope that this fourth season would make us revive what made the first two successful. And while this season is certainly more enjoyable than the last, a few things that happened during the last couple of episodes made me question the future of the show.

The twelfth episode of this season, A.W.O.L saw Amanda Waller being killed by the evil organization, Shadowspire. While her death was surprising and surely effective, it only highlighted how WB have treated Arrow lately. Harley Quinn was the first "victim" of this politic when Warner's pundits prevented Arrow from using her character in anyway whatsoever. Deadshot soon followed by being killed-off and it ended with Waller.

All of this feels like Warner Bros made a clean sweep to leave room for the Suicide Squad movie. Even Deathstroke, the main antagonist of the second season is now out of reach for the show and was sent off to an ARGUS prison on Lian Yu, probably forever. Even Manu Bennett wouldn't come back because of how is character was written during his short return.

My problem is that WB keeps saying that these two universes are part of a multiverse to leave more creativity for the writers, whereas they are getting rid of any character that could overshadow their movie counterpart. In the other hand, WB allows the existence of two Flash on TV and on the big screen. Where is the logic? And The Flash is by no means a minor character. I feel like Warner is putting all its effort on The Flash and is setting Arrow on the side. Marc Guggenheim even stated during a Q&A that the show faced budgetary limitations last year.

And it's a shame since Arrow had big things planned for Suicide Squad and had to set aside its ambitions. Arrow is the show that started all and it's a lack of recognition. In my opinion, Warner needs to understand that to make their TV universe successful they have to put as much effort on each series, otherwise I'm afraid that Arrow will soon be beyond redemption.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on The CW.


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