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With the news that an MK Movie is in work with James Wan (Furious 7, Saw) as the producer it sound awesome (despite the reputation of Video Games Movies) that's why i present you my fan cast of the MK Fighter's.

Steven Yeun as Liu Kang

Yeun is a very great actor love his performance as Glenn in AMC Hit series The Walking Dead he's an badass Asian dude great at killing zombies and i would love to see him as the first earthworld champion.

Stephen Amell as Johnny Cage

Amell can kick ass in real life too (remember WWE summerslam 2015) and he's perfect as the Hollywood Star YOU GOT CAGED!!!.

Michael Jai White as Jax Briggs

I would love to see White reprising his role for the reboot he's a great fighter in real life and he was very great as Spawn and Bronze Tiger.

Mads Mikkelsen as Raiden

Mads has that god like looks on his face he's perfect for the role as the God of Thunder and he's great as Hannibal Lecter and Le Chiffre.

Lee Byung-hun as Scorpion

if they need an badass Asian actor for the hell's specter they should cast Lee Byung-hun he's an awesome actor love his performance as Storm Shadow and T-1000 and he also kick ass too in real life.

Daniel Dae Kim as Sub-Zero

If they also need another great Asian actor for the Ice Ninja Daniel Dae Kim is their man he's a very great in many roles like Lost, Hawaii Five-O among other's.

Ronda Rousey as Sonya Blade

Admit it who else think that Rousey is a awesome fighter she's perfect for the role of Blade and besides many fan's want her to play the role.

Iko Uwais as Kung Lao

With Star Wars The Force Awaken's as his first film debut to the US Audience he'll reach stardom very soon and he will be perfect for the Shaolin Monk with the blade hat and he's great on The Raid.

Keanu Reeves as Kenshi

Reeves is definitely having an career resurrection thank to John Wick he would be perfect as the blind swordsman and he was also great in The Man of Tai Chi.

Chloe Bennett as Kitana

My favorite crush love her acting role as Daisy Johnson on Agents of Shield especially when she fight hydra soldier's in one sequence!!! and i recommended her for the role of the edenia princess.

Jason Statham as Kano

Even Thought Kano is Australian in the game franchise, Jason would definitely fit for the role of the Aussie mercenary with the terminator like face plate and besides he's perfect as an villain like Ian Shawn.

Elodie Yung as Mileena

I Choose Yung because of her upcoming portrayal of Elektra in the upcoming Daredevil season 2 and Jinx on the G.I. Joe franchise and she was also very great as the main female villain on District 13: Ultimatum.

Ray Park as Reptile

Remember his role as Toad on the first X-Men film well pictured Park as the Reptilian Green Ninja and he's so awesome in makeup especially as Darth Maul.

Kane Kosugi as Ermac

The Son of the famous Sho Kosugi (best known for his ninjas role in the 80's) Kane has also appeared in other movies based on Fighting Games (as Ryu Hayabusa in Dead or Alive and Kazuya Mishima on Tekken Sequel) even thought those movies suck but he would be nice to him as the Psychokinetic Red Ninja.

Yahan Ruhian as Shang Tsung

Like i mention Iko, he suddenly became recognized by the US Audience in the latest Star Wars film and with his long hair and mustache he suddenly look like an older black hair Tsung.

Billy Zane as Quan Chi

With his Lex Luthor like appearance Zane is 100% perfect for the role and he's always typecast as an villain in other film (like Titanic).

Liam Neeson as Shinnok

Do you imagine Neeson in a Video Games Movie?? what if they cast him as the disgraced former Elder God and beside he's an badass grandpa.


You have you own MK Fancast and which one do you want for the role of his/her MK Character


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