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I think it is reasonable to say that Star Wars fans were pleasantly surprised by a majority of the new characters that appear in The Force Awakens, whether that Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron or Kylo Ren. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for Gwendoline Christies; Captain Phasma. Phasma was a huge part of Disney’s marketing campaign for the film and even Christie herself promised an innovative female badass, ultimately this led to many fans feeling dissatisfied, and wanting more from Phasma. With Star Wars Episode 8 not so ‘far far away’ I’m going to tell you exactly how to fix Captain Phasma.

Note: I think it’s important to note that when I was scripting this I wanted to be as realistic as possible, following the tone and nature of The Force Awakens. I made logical choices, by using the acclaimed ‘Visual Dictionary’ as point of reference for the characters I am using.

As we join the galaxy in Episode 8 we are made aware of a certain revolution taking place within the First Order. The Stormtrooper army are aware that one of their former colleagues has escaped and joined the resistance, many First Order soldiers have begun to rebel against the dark side which in turn has led to a number of remote skirmishes. One of these skirmishes could be a fantastic action set piece to start the film.

While this is transpiring General Hux still doesn’t dislodge his ideology regarding his training regimen pioneered by his father. We know that Hux has total confidence in his father’s idea that Stormtroopers trained through vivid simulations make the most loyal soldiers. However from The Force Awakens film and the Visual Dictionary we know that both Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma both disagree with the tactics of Hux. Now personally I believe that Ren is going to be ‘busy’ dealing with Rey and the returning Luke Skywalker so he doesn’t play a focal part in this secondary story.

Phasma is obviously getting more and more irritated. Upon the First Order star destroyer, Phasma is making her feelings known, where she also questions the capability of Hux. At the same time Hux is getting visibly more irate. This whole scene should be extremely tense and it should also spotlight the audacity of Phasma; being able to call out a First Order General. The argument is then interrupted by a crew member who informs of a breach in the lower levels of the destroyer ship.

The action then cuts to a small group of Stormtroppers who are trying to make their escape, gun shots are flying down passages as the rebel group of Stormtroopers and loyal First Order soldiers are battling. The rebellious troopers are doing a good job of taking out anyone attempting to stop their escape. This is until General Hux and Captain Phasma join the action, both Hux and Phasma ‘exchange’ shots with the wild troopers. Suddenly Hux is shot, the wound isn’t fatal but it does take him to the floor. Phasma notices this and simply replies with; “pathetic”. She then goes on to completely wipe out the small group of stormtroppers, the hallway is filled with bodies of stormtroppers from either side of this 'civil war'. As Phasma walks back towards Hux, she just looks at the general and shakes her head before proceeding to walk on. Before the scene ends; just to add insult to injury, Hux is told via a communication device that a tie fighter has just left the Star Destroyer without clearance. Hux is obviously physically and mentally raging, but the First Order personnel isn’t finished; “Oh, and the Grand Admiral is on his way”, which should be both somewhat humorous an intriguing to us as the audience.

Just to give you some insight, Collider reported back in October that Gugu Mbatha-Raw has signed on for a leading role in the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise. So myIdea would revolve around her playing one of the Stormtroppers that escaped on the tie fighter. Similarly I’m going to use the casting of Benicio Del Toro to my stories advantage, I’m going to have him playing a non-force sensitive Grand Admiral of the First Order (He could even be a Grand Admiral Thrawn type character, but this isn’t particularly important).

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The Emperor's shuttle arrives on the Death Star.
The Emperor's shuttle arrives on the Death Star.

Now I’m going to slightly gloss over the story revolving around Finn, The Resistance and the rebel Stormtroppers (That’s a story for another time). So fast-forwarding slightly, the grand admiral arrives on the star destroyer, this scene will play homage to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when the Emperor arrives on the Darth Star. Upon arrival Captain Phasma is at forefront of the First Order line-up in contrast to General Hux who is nowhere to be seen. Phasma walks through the line-up with the Admiral; until we get a classic Star Wars swipe cut.

When we return to the First Order action the camera follows General Hux walking through the corridors of the star destroyer and walking into the Grand Admirals throne room. Hux begins to speak but is quickly cut off by the Admiral; “We have a problem… General”. Hux at this point looks noticeably worried. The Admiral Explains that Supreme Leader Snoke is furious with the structure of the First Order, which means he will too feel the fury of the dark leader, he states that; “Things will change”. Before General Hux can even reply he is shot by Captain Phasma.

Hux falls to the floor, Phasma slowly takes her helmet off for the first time and says: “It seems we are under new authority”. Upon this time I want the importance of General Phasma to be made by the Grand Admiral, he will talk about the need for regulation once again within the First Order. It makes it clear that the First Order cannot afford to lose anymore troopers to the resistance. This storyline is ultimately leading to the end battle that I have very specific ideas for.

I would like the finale battle to have a real ‘war’ feeling to it, an amalgamation of what we see in the new Star Wars Battlefront video game. There should be soldiers on foot, working alongside land vehicles in conjunction to fighters in the sky. I want all the major players to be involved whether that be Luke and Rey battling Kylo Ren, Poe combatting against the dark side’s fleet and Captain Phasma leading the amended First Order army against Finn and the Resistance (which also includes the fugitive Stormtroppers). Ultimately the outcome of the battle will depend on what direction you want to take the main story but if were are going to follow the theme of taking beats from the original trilogy then the First Order should ‘win’ this battle. Whether that down to the death of a main character such as Luke Skywalker or perhaps the appearance of Supreme Leader Snoke means the Resistance has to retreat.

But what is important is the fact that I have brought validly to Phasma, as well as improving the lore surrounding Hux. But what do you guys think? Lets start the debate down below! How would you fix Phasma or any of the other Star Wars Characters? Let me know down below.


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