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This is my 1st time blogging...So hold off on the pitchforks and torches! I'll be discussing games and movies in my blogs! Enjoy !!!!
Brandon Lang

Let me start off by saying this.... if you are a super hero movie fanatic like myself and have not seen this movie yet, you need to stop what you are doing and hit up your closest movie theater. With movies like The Avengers and Iron Man, I thought Marvel would never be able to go above and beyond that, but once again they have proven me wrong. Deadpool brings a new "style" to the Marvel Universe we have never seen before on the big screen. The best way to describe his character is if Iron Man & the Amazing Spider-Man had a child, it would be Deadpool. Before I watched the movie, I was concerned with Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool due to his mediocre performance as the Green Lantern. Yet after watching the movie, I can't see anyone else playing Deadpool besides Ryan Reynolds. Without giving any spoilers away... the story line for Deadpool is probably my favorite out of all the Marvel movies. The action, comedy and background of Deadpool is what makes his story standout from all the other super heroes. Deadpool is by far the most comedic out of all the Marvel super heroes as well! I even put Deadpool down as one of my favorite comedy movies with in the last couple years. I was constantly laughing throughout this movie, which is not normal in a super hero movie. It will be interesting how Marvel will integrate Deadpool either into X-Men or the Avengers, due to the fact Deadpool curses like Joe Pesci and kills people like Django. It was awesome to see Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus team up with Deadpool throughout the movie making them the most unique Marvel team out of all the super hero movies. I gave this a 10/10 rating because Deadpool had me entertained for all 1hr and 48min I sat in the theater. I will be seeing this movie again sometime this week because of how entertaining Deadpool really was!! You'll understand once you watch it if you haven't already. The iconic Stan Lee once again graces us with his presence in Deadpool.. and I promise you wont want to miss his appearance. Oh, make sure you stay past the credits. All my 80's movie lovers will understand what I mean when they see it.


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