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We all know what the awesome Mara Wilson has been up too since she charmed us with her intelligence and empathy in Matilda, but what about the adorable 4-year-old Matilda who were saw whipping up pancakes in the beginning of the movie?

The actor who played the adorable younger version of the precocious Matilda is named Sara Magdalin, and although she didn't do any acting after Matilda, maybe the Roald Dahl penned classic about the transformative power of learning influenced her in a different way.

Now aged 26, Magdalin became a fifth grade teacher in Arizona before going on to train as a nutritionalist with a focus on child health.

Check out the image below to see how much Magdalin has changed below:

Although Sara hasn't made many public appearances since her brief stint in the spotlight, she did come along to the Matilda reunion back in 2013. You can see her next to Danny Devito, third from the right.

One thing's for sure, Miss. Honey would be totally proud of Magdalin's career choice!

(Source: IMDB)


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