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20 years ago a larcenous orangutan checked into the Majestic Hotel and became friends with a young boy in the hilarious 1996 film Dunston Checks In. The movie came at a time when animal-human pair-up films were massively popular (remember the Matt LeBlanc film, Ed?), though Dunston and Kyle were definitely the cutest duo out there:

The film ultimately ended with order being restored to the Majestic and Dunston and Kyle (along with his father and brother) relocated to Bali, but 20 years later, where is that little boy and his primate friend? Whatever happened to the actor who played Kyle, Eric Lloyd? Well, one thing's for sure, he's all grown up:

Eric Lloyd in Dunston Checks In Vs Lloyd 2015
Eric Lloyd in Dunston Checks In Vs Lloyd 2015

Yep, that's really him!

Aside from Dunston Checks In, you might recognize Eric from some of the many other roles that he had throughout his childhood, including Christmas classics The Santa Clause 1, 2, and 3, Heart and Souls, Batman and Robin, and My Giant. That's right, it was all the same kid! Talk about a busy childhood.

These days, Eric is 29 years old, and doesn't seem to really spend his time hanging around with primates (and unfortunately Sam the orangutan who played Dunston in the film passed away in December 2010), though he is still in the show biz industry!

In an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit last year, Lloyd popped up to answer many fan questions about his famous appearances in films, and also give an update on where his life has taken him since he took a step back from acting in the early-mid 2000s. As it turns out, Lloyd is now taking steps to get back in the industry, though he isn't exactly chasing starring roles, instead he's opened a film and music production studio with friend Tyler Payne named LP Music and Film Studios. LP Studios, which opened in 2015, provides spaces for film and music production as well as post production.

But his contribution to the entertainment industry doesn't end there! Aside from his production company, Lloyd is also a member of the band RadioMason, who is currently working on their debut album.

But, given that his last film credit on IMDb was back in 2012, could Lloyd ever be tempted back into acting? Maybe! In his AMA, Lloyd mentioned that while music and his studio are his main concerns at the moment, he'd love to act again one day, though it would be something he'd like to make his own way into.

So what memories does Lloyd (whose cousin is Charmed and Mistresses actress Alyssa Milano) remember from his childhood on film sets? Well, apparently on Heart and Souls Robert Downey Jr. was the one who taught him how to hear himself when he was practicing singing (by putting your finger in your ear!), and on Dunston Checks In, Jason Alexander gave his 5th grade teacher a back massage! But the thing that will impress The Santa Clause fans the most? Believe it or not, he still has one of the snow globes from The Santa Clause! Unfortunately though, the water in the globe wasn't treated and in the years since the film it has gone pretty icky:

Source: Reddit user EricLloyd
Source: Reddit user EricLloyd

Eric's career has so far spanned a massive 26 years, and at the age of just 29, he's racked up more film credits than many veteran actors. With his new creative endeavors taking him in many different directions in the industry, there's no doubt that his name will still be associated with show business for years to come.

Was 'Dunston Checks In' a childhood favorite of yours?

Source: Reddit, Wetpaint


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