ByDanny, writer at
If I'm funny, then you're in serious need of a therapissed.

The World around us is stressful. Taxes, elections, homework, relationships, deaths, nutrition; it's easy to become jaded in this land we live in.

"Deadpool" taught me not to give a fuck about that.Like when he punched Collossus in the balls?!?

INSANE. Broke BOTH his hands.

And yet, you don't have to be a superhealing anti-hero, with witty remarks, slacker friends and an old grandma to wisecrack you ass back into shape.

Nah. You need to have confidence.

When one thing doesn't work out, you try another. Another pain, another gain. The important aspect to success is that you never give up.

Stay organized, don't lose sight of the goal and never give up!

How else will we bring the roof down thanks to an "angsty teen?"


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