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With a month and a half until the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in theatres and interest in everything surrounding this superhero movie is at an all time high. Here comes another news.

Following the release of the final trailer, we are seeing all sorts of new and intersting developments with comic book movie's story and characters. A french magazine that features characters profiles from Batman V Superman has surfaced online. It claims Jena Malone is playing Bat Girl/Barbara Gordon in Batman V Superman.

There were some rumours surrounding Jena Malone's role in Batman V Superman, well now its look like it is been confirmed.

It would make sense for Malone to play Barbara Gordon in Batman V Superman, if only because there aren’t many other key characters in the DC Comics Universe that immediately fit Malone’s look and demeanor.

Malone was also spotted during film's production with red hair, which points to her rather playing either Carrie Kelly or Barbara Gorden and i hope the latter prove to be true.



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