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The 8th installment in the Star Wars franchise has officially started production. LucasFilm posted a video featuring that AMAZING final scene from The Force Awakens, which showed Rian Johnson and the cast beginning photography for the highly anticipated film.

I don't know why the scene shot during the making of the announcement video doesn't count as part of the production, (maybe it won't get used) but who really cares about logistics? The Force Awakens has yet to leave theaters (at least in my area) and we're already getting charged up for the sequel! The Force Awakens was just the beginning of a new generation of Star Wars films, so what can we expect from our next outing to a galaxy far far away?

The Twins Are Back Together

Luke and Leia are pretty much the most famous twins behind the Olsens. We love these force wielding siblings, so Episode 8 should give us some great scenes between these two. Maybe we can all finally forget the fact that they kissed. Dang! I remembered it again! I've gotta stop doing that.

Rey's Training

We can expect to see Luke Skywalker training Rey as part of the film. We spent The Force Awakens awaiting Luke's discovery while being introduced to the gravity of Rey's force abilities. If Luke doesn't want to train her in the ways of the force, I will be an unhappy camper. However, I could definitely see him being reluctant, considering all that he went through with Kylo and the massacre of his padawans. But considering that final scene...

I'd say it's very likely that Luke not only trains Rey, but it might also be one of the first parts of the movie.

Rey's Family

There are so many theories on this subject. I love them all. Personally, though, I believe she's Han and Leia's daughter. Whether or not she's Luke's or Han's, we know this has to be her Grandma...

That CAN NOT be a coincidence. The fact that Daisy Ridley (AKA Rey last name yet to be revealed) and Natalie Portman (AKA Padme Amidala) look so much alike MUST prove that Rey is either Luke's child with a currently unknown new character, or Han and Leia's daughter.

Kylo Battle Round Two

It's highly likely that we'll see another battle between Kylo Ren and someone else during Episode 8. Who? I don't know. The best bets are on Rey or Luke. He may reveal something to Rey about her family (if he knows anything), mirroring Luke and Vader's iconic scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

Kylo could also face off with Luke, his old master. This would mirror the battle from A New Hope where Obi Wan becomes "one with the force", if you catch my drift.

Wait! What about a third option? Leia verses Kylo! Mommy needs to punish son for ((SPOILER ALERT: Have you REALLY not seen TFA yet? If so, do you REALLY care all that much?)) brutally murdering daddy. She can use the force, but can she wield a lightsaber? I really want to see an emotional lightsaber battle between Leia and her dark side son. Don't you?! It would help make up for the fact that Han JUST LET HIS SON RUN HIM THROUGH WITH A LIGHTSABER! HE LOVES HIM SO MUCH! I'm getting worked up again, we better move on.

Details On Snoke

Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order
Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order

Who is this guy? Is he this guy?

Star Wars: Rebels' Grand Inquisitor
Star Wars: Rebels' Grand Inquisitor

Or is he this guy?

Darth Plaguis
Darth Plaguis

Who knows! What we do know is that those are 2 of the MANY different theories on who Snoke really is. Here's my theory. For all we know, he's an entirely new character to the Star Wars universe. Either way, I'm sure we'll learn more about him in Episode 8.

More BB-8

BB-8 was the hottest toy of 2015 not to mention one of the biggest stars of The Force Awakens. He played a pivotal role in the film and will no doubt continue to be an important character moving forward.

More Finn-Rey Romance

The Force Awakens had some great moments between newcomers Finn and Rey. "Let go of my hand!" was one of the film's best lines by far. Last time we saw these two, Finn had been badly injured by Kylo and was being healed Star Wars style. Rey kissed him on the head, and then set out to find Luke Skywalker. Hopefully their relationship will blossom even more!

Episode 8 is approaching at hyper-speed. Whether you're excited for more Kylo, more BB-8, or more force-wielding, there will no doubt be plenty for you. Now that Luke is back, we may even get to see the beginning of a new Jedi Order. We've only got to wait a year and 10 months to see it! Star Wars Episode 8 comes out in December 2017.


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