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Marcus Landrau

As of February 15th of this year, it would have been Chris Farley's 52nd birthday. That is, if he was still with us.

I think we can all agree that Chris Farley was an amazing person. While I've only watched one movie with him in it (That movie being Beverly Hills Ninja), I love that movie to pieces and cherish its quirkiness even now.

December 18th of next year will be the 20th anniversary of his death. And I'm sure everybody will be talking about him a lot more when that day finally comes around the corner.

Even though this article is in honor of someone who's no longer with us, don't see it as something sad. Let's appreciate his amazing career and never forget how he made us laugh in any way he could.

I'm gonna keep this article short, as my knowledge on Chris Farley is minimal at best due to only watching Beverly Hill Ninja. I just felt like bringing this up. And I'll probably save talking about said movie for either a review or a list of my favorite moments from his movies sometime in the near future.

For those who have watched his other movies and his Saturday Night Live skits back in the day like Van Down By The River and what not, let me know your thoughts about Chris Farley in the comments section. Let's never forget.

That is everything for today guys. I'll catch you all later. Peace. Out. ;)


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