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***Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers For Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, So, If YOU Don't Like Spoilers, Then YOU Best Turn Back Now My Friends!***

The recent news (that may or may not be true) that Jena Malone (The Hunger Games) will indeed star as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has gotten fans both excited and disappointed. For most, myself included, we're so excited that we're finally going to see Batgirl in a film, or at least done right. Other people don't really care for Ms. Malone portraying the fan-favorite character. Below are 3 reasons as to why she'll be great as Batgirl!

Forgive me in advance, I have only seen a few of Jena's movies, so some of these things might differ if I had had seen more or her films.

1. She Looks Like Barbara.

Johanna Mason and Batgirl...
Johanna Mason and Batgirl...
Jena and Oracle...
Jena and Oracle...

When it comes to any type of casting, be it for a film or fan-casting a role, you always try to pick someone who not just looks like the character, but also acts like the character. Sure Jenna might not look just like Barbara, but she comes pretty close, So with that, it brings us to:

2. Her Bad-Ass Roles.

From Sucker Punch to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1and 2, Jena has shown that she can play a character with emotion, a character with a mysterious past, a good fighter/combatant, and someone who has been through quite a bit of crap. With these things, she's just another step closer to being a pretty accurate portrayal of the character. Barbara has had a tough/mysterious past, she's a good fighter, and she has been through crap.

3. Jenna's Trademark.

She usually portrays teenage girls with problems or from dysfunctional families. With this and the other things above just go to show you that she not only can act and bring an emotion to her roles that others can't, but that she is used to a dysfunctional family, like Barbara Gordon is, depending on which adaption she'll be pulling from. Her father is a Commissioner/Detective, so her dad isn't really around that much, she has a psychotic brother, and her mother isn't really around either.

So What Do YOU Think? Are You Excited To See Jenna Malone Portray Barbara Gordon/Batgirl In Batman v Superman? Tell Me YOUR Thoughts In The Comments Section Below!


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