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I'm going to be blunt - superheros will be crammed into our lives in the next 10 years! With almost 3 a year being released consistently until 2020, these films are going to play a big part in modern media and therefore these films deserve the best directors. This is my list of directors that need to make directing a superhero film their next priority and what film that they should direct.

1. Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright has been wanting to do a superhero film for ages. He was attached to Antman for almost 10 years until he finally left due to "creative differences" with Marvel. So why waste all of Wright's talents because big boy Marvel can't play along. His quick, witty and unique direction would add something completely different to any other film out there.

Suggested Movie - The Flash - his directing style matches the character so why not pair the two up. I would hope he would get along better with DC though.

2. Alejandro González Iñárritu

While I'm almost 100% sure that doing a superhero film would be last on his list of interested projects, I feel that him directing a superhero film would break the boundary of the film just being a 'superhero' film. Bringing his iconic long takes, with glorious action pieces would only make the film great.

Suggested Movie - Doctor Strange - the character can provide both interesting drama and great action. Alejandro González Iñárritu would be able to find the balance between the two.

3. James Cameron

James, please, I beg you, throw Avatar 9 out the window and make directing a superhero film your next project. Cameron has been king of the blockbuster since the Terminator films, and has proved himself time and time again with Titanic, Avatar, Aliens that he can direct one hell of a blockbuster, so its about time.

Suggested Movie - Its only fitting that you give him something massive right ? How about Justice League ? It's a risk we should be willing to take if it means we see Cameron direct a film other than Avatar.

4. Duncan Jones

With Warcraft looking rather promising and Moon and Source Code being pretty great, Duncan Jones is definitely worthy of taking the reigns. Not only could it be great for his name, he would bring his own level of sophisticated direction to the film.

Suggested Movie - Moonknight, perfectly sophisticated much like Moon , one of Jones's previous films. Not only would it bring Moonknight to the big screen, it would have a great director attached.

5. Alex Garland

While Garland only holds one directing credit to his name so far (Ex Machina), it is certainly one great credit. Ex Machina wowed audiences everywhere and Garland proved himself as a director to watch out for. Garland has been prominent in Hollywood for a while now though, writing films such as Sunshine, 28 Days Later ... and Dredd. He is definitely one talented guy handling heavy plots and minimalist settings.

Suggested Movie - The Silver Surfer- of course all the show and flash would be dialed back into a minimalistic design and feel to the film, but I feel like tackling space would be a challenge that would really pay off.

6. Gareth Evans

First off, the fact that a Welsh director made an Asian action film famous is phenomenal, secondly he is obviously filled with talent with a keen eye for martial arts and fighting. With The Raid 1 & 2 being some of the most critically acclaimed action films made over the past decade, it is obvious he can direct great action making him the perfect candidate for a superhero movie.

Suggested Movies - Avengers: Infinity War: Defenders, a spin off from Avengers: Infinity War that focuses on Marvel's Netflix hero's defending the city as the war occurs. While not technically a movie that would happen, I think Evans would be a perfect fit.

7. Angelina Jolie

This needs to happen for two reasons, firstly Jolie is a great director proving herself with Unbroken (not so much for By the Sea though) and superhero films and films in general need more films directed by women. Jolie ticks both these boxes and would create a heartwarming film with a mix between action and drama.

Suggested Movies - Who better to make a film about a female role model than a female role model herself. Captain Marvel would be a perfect fit for Jolie as she would understand the importance of the character and how to direct the action and the drama.


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