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So the question everyone has been asking and arguing about since the release of the latest Star Wars installment is as follows, "Is Rey Luke Skywalker's daughter?" To that I say... no. Rey Skywalker is NOT a thing. And here are all my reasons why.

Shattered Empire Storyline

Prior to the release of Episode VII, Marvel comics released a four issue mini-series entitled "Star Wars: Shattered Empire". It was a part of a line of reading material that all shared the same slogan: Journey to the Force Awakens.

Spoiler Warning

The storyline follows a young Rebellion pilot named Shara Bey, who, after the destruction of Death Star II, decides to leave the Rebellion military to be with her Husband Kes Dameron. Yes, like Poe Dameron. Don't get your panties in a twist.

During the series, we find out that Emperor Palpatine had a contingency plan (The First Order) in place in the event of the Rebels' victory, so before Shara can retire with her husband, she has a few more missions that need to take place. Now, each of the four issues is a different mission with all sorts of clues for Episode VII, however, for this topic, we're going to focus on issue #4.

Shattered Empire: Issue 4 Cover (Marvel Comics)
Shattered Empire: Issue 4 Cover (Marvel Comics)

I would also like to point out that this is the best issue. Just saying.

In this issue, Luke asks Shara to accompany him on a two person mission to retrieve the last two pieces of the tree that grew in the center of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. These two trees are seeping with force energy. I mean BLEEDING it. After battling Stormtroopers to escape, Luke takes one tree to plant and grow for his new Jedi Temple and gives one to Shara for safe keeping. Shara and Kes then retire in the jungles of Yavin IV (same number as the issue, crazy). Shara and Kes raise their son (presumably Poe) and live out their days next to the Force tree.

Why does any of this matter?

Well, for starters, the names. Shara's last name is Bey, and since her son took the last name of Dameron, Rey's name is a head nod to her mother's side of the family.

But the REAL key is the tree

Kes and Shara already had Poe before they had retired...

Issue 4 (Marvel Comics)
Issue 4 (Marvel Comics)

So why would it be so ludicrous to assume that they didn't have ANOTHER child after retirement? That child would have spent its whole life (up to the abandonment on Jakku) living, playing, and growing next to the tree which is exhaling Force energy 24/7. Which explains why her Force sensitivity is so high. It also explains Poe's skill as a pilot. He's an incredible pilot, which is thanks to the Force energy he seeped off as a child. Granted, he didn't spend as much time around it as Rey, but he got enough to where his reflexes, strength, and other traits became above average. But all this raises another question...

Why does Rey not know Poe?

We know that TFA takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi. We also know that Poe was already born around the time of the destruction of Death Star the Second. We also know Rey is 19 years old and was abandoned on Jakuu as a young girl. So let's put the pieces together.

Rey wasn't born until around the time Poe was old enough to join the Resistance. Poe left to become a pilot when she was too young to remember him, if she was even born at all. This explains the age difference between the two siblings. When Rey was abandoned on Jakku, it was because her parents also left to fight the First Order. Also Rey's lack of a last name (known to us, at least) can be attributed to the fact that Shara never took her husband's last name and Rey just never took either name.

I guess now is also a good time to debunk why Rey isn't Luke's daughter. We know that Luke is a Jedi straight out of the books. By the time Jedi rolled around, we saw he became calm, collected, in control of his emotions (until his fight with Vader), and even dressed the part. He also became a lot stronger with the Force. Luke became a real Jedi, and in doing so, learned how to be act as one. He knows he can't have a family. Its safe to say that Luke Skywalker didn't break such an important rule in the Jedi code. Sure, he could have tweaked the rules a bit for the new generation of Jedi, but even if he did, there's zero evidence that Luke ever had any kind of relationship prior to his exile. Not to mention Luke isn't the type for a one night stand, so a prior relationship would have been key to making a baby. Now there are all sorts of arguments such as, "Well he could have had a wife and then died, right?" Sure. But that is considered a cop out, and will not be tolerated on my blog or in my articles. So moving on to the biggest argument that people seem to worship.

Rey's visions of Luke's island

The argument that Luke must be Rey's father because of the connection they seem to have in Rey's dreams. Again I say: False.

Rey's visions are explained, once again, by the Force tree. She grew up with one and got her Force powers from it. That tree's twin was with Luke. The exposure of both these people to these sister trees gave them a connection through the Force. Its safe to say that the tree is on Luke's island with him, but even if it wasn't, Luke's exposure to the tree was enough to connect with Rey. Which raises the question, why can't Kylo Ren also have visions of Rey or Luke?

I mean, he was training with Luke in the new Temple too, right? So he should have sucked up Force energy too! Well.... The tree was from the Jedi temple. When Ben Solo turned to the dark side, he shut out any special visions or powers granted to him by the Force tree without his knowing about it. So there's that.

All of this being said, maybe those "Rey Skywalker" fans will think twice.

But before we even get into the new trilogy... Who's ready for Rogue One?!


What do you think? Is Rey Luke's daughter?


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