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Before I begin, please be advised there are spoilers ahead so if you are still looking forward to seeing Deadpool in theatres, please stop reading now.

I've always wondered about Deadpool's origins. Where does he come from anyway? So when I experienced his movie on opening weekend I was delighted to learn of his hometown. That's right, in a moment of brutally intense hilarity Deadpool proclaims:

“I’m Wade Wilson from Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina, the town that rhymes with fun.”

So it seems little old Regina, capital city of Saskatchewan; AKA: The Queen City is hometown to its very own loud-mouthed, chimichanga munching anti-hero.

Luckily, I live in Regina and scored tickets this weekend because it gave me the privilege to see the local audience erupt to that joke with a mixture of laughter, offense, applause and a dash of "dude, we've heard that one before". It's true, the line has been recycled a number of times, but arguably it has never been delivered with such raw emotion, pride and gravity. Ryan Reynolds seems to have used the crude line as a battle cry that only someone from Regina would truly understand while simultaneously creating a new branch of canon to explore.

Let's put aside crudeness for a second. You see, Wade Wilson and the city of Regina share some qualities including 'sometimes being overlooked', 'being pushed away' and 'largely ignored by the rest of society' but over time, the residents have learned to brush off the jokes and laugh along. What many fans enjoy about Deadpool's character is his persistence in never letting anyone under his skin and interestingly enough, this is the same endearing quality shared by many folks from that flat prairie land somewhere over a wheat field.

With a population of around 200,000 residents, The Queen City has had its fair share of identity struggles in the past. The thing is though, people from Regina are actually very proud of where they come from, despite being the butt of the joke sometimes, which makes Reynolds' line delivery perfect in more ways than one.

So with that, here is a list of real-life Regina, Saskatchewan locations (with links) where Wade Wilson may have spent his time growing up, before he inevitably became the Merc with a Mouth that we all know and hate to love.

Disclaimer** These observations are strictly my interpretation of hypothetical activities and locations where a young Wade Wilson may have spent time if he lived in Regina, Saskatchewan growing up. Also, give Regina a break for once, it's not so bad here.

9) Wade Wilson's First Job

La Cucaracha Cocina Mexicana

Located in the heart of Cathedral Village near downtown Regina, this small and friendly walk-up business is known for great Mexican street food when it opens during the summer months. Although it mostly serves tacos these days, some say that long ago La Cucaracha employed a loud young man who served the best chimichangas in Cathedral Village (approximately a 4 block radius). They must have changed the menu.

8) Deadpool's Football Team

The Saskatchewan Roughriders

Alright, this may be news for anyone not living in Saskatchewan but Reginians have an unhealthy love for their CFL team. In fact, the team constantly draws sellout crowds and affectionately refers to their fan base as Rider Nation. The Roughriders won the Grey cup at home in 2013 and the fans flooded the streets in a disorganized frenzy of celebrations late into the night despite dangerously low temperatures. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Wade's father was the type of guy who would paint his house in Roughrider green. Deadpool wears red so bad guys cant see him bleed, but when he stops at home for the Labour Day Classic at Taylor Field, he's most definitely bleeding green.

7) Deadpool's Night Club

Don't let the reinforced steel intimidate you.
Don't let the reinforced steel intimidate you.

Gabbo's Night Club

Unlike Sister Margaret’s Home for Wayward Girls, you can't pick up mercenary contracts here. Not that I know of anyway. What it does feature are live DJ's, drink specials and the occasional stand-up comedy show. This place may not be pretty from the outside but on the inside, any given night is a party just like Regina's most famous up-the-anti-hero. Ask the manager about an unpaid bar tab belonging to Wade Wilson.

6) Early Combat Training

Photo Courtesy of the Wolf 104.9 in Regina, Sk.
Photo Courtesy of the Wolf 104.9 in Regina, Sk.

Spirit of the Dragon

Just the place to drop off a hyperactive kid with a sharp tongue and a mean case of ADHD. This is a fairly well known Martial Arts studio servicing Reginans young and old. Here Deadpool's earlier self would have let off steam by studying Kempo, traditional weaponry and various other forms of ass-kicking and self-defense. He might have quickly accelerated through the junior program to become one of the youngest students to be accepted into the adult program. No big deal.

5) Cowboy Deadpool

Craven Country Jamboree

Located in the small community of Craven, Saskatchewan the Country Jamboree attracts up to 30,000 people for one weekend each July. Residents from across Canada travel here to experience world-famous country music acts, partake in drunken debauchery and get their two-stepping on. Seems like something Deadpool wouldn't miss the Earth-616 for. Fact: One time when Wade Wilson attended the jamboree, Craven became the chlamydia capital of Canada for just that weekend (you can even look that up, I guess it was a huge problem). Disgusting… See ya'll next summer.

4) Deadpool's Gymnastics Records

Queen City Kinsmen Gymnastics Club

How else would Deadpool have mastered those jumping-spin-flip-kill-shots other than through maximum effort? I'm willing to speculate that Wade Wilson would still hold some records at the Kinsmen club, though I am hesitant to speculate on which ones. Someone should dust off those trophies.

3) Recreational Deadpool

Wascana Centre

You can't get a ripped physique without hard work, dedication and a whole lot of jogging. This is the largest inner-city park in Canada at 9.3 square kill-ometres. It features sprawling paths, ponds, wildlife, a skate park and plenty of fit, nimble Regina residents jogging around here all summer. Go get 'em tiger.

2) Private Deadpool

RCMP Academy, Depot Division

Commonly referred to as "Depot", this facility has been providing police training to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) cadets since 1885 and has a rich history of training law enforcement in Canada. I'm willing to guess that if a Private Wilson was ever enrolled here, he would have been dishonorably discharged abruptly for something absolutely insane. Note the shade of red on a traditional Mountie uniform.

1) Relaxing Deadpool

Regina Beach

Where better to kick back and relax? Located 35 minutes north of Regina on Long Lake, Sk, Regina Beach is not the largest pile of sand out there but many people head there for the weekend to soak in the summer rays, enjoy some cold beverages and partake in water sports like wakeboarding and fishing. Deadpool loves catching those rays while snapping a selfie.

This is neat but would probably never happen

2 petitions have been started encouraging the city to allow a statue in honour of the Merc with a Mouth. You can check these out at and Hopefully the artist would depict him riding a Unicorn.

*Update: Yup, the mayor shut down the idea. After all, Deadpool is not the best role model.

Also, If you ever wish to visit the hometown of Wade Wilson, be sure to check out Tourism Saskatchewan and Tourism Regina for things to do on your trip, including Fan Expo Regina.

So I hope this sheds some light on the town that rhymes with fun. People from Regina no longer think that joke is funny BUT thank you Mr. Reynolds for hitting it out of the park for us.

Lastly, as a fan of Deadpool and someone who has lived in his hometown for many years, let me just say:

You did it Wade Wilson and Regina, Saskatchewan is proud of you for it.


Would you ever visit Deadpool's hometown?


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