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Lauren Hoffman

After seeing Deadpool last night I have to say I am truly impressed. Not only did we wait how long to get a Deadpool movie but we got the one we deserved. It's like God made Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool!

Here's a few reasons why Deadpool was what we deserved:


We got an origin to satisfy anyone. Unlike the brutal origin story from X-Men Origins we got justice. Yes Wade Wilson was a simile talkative jokester in Origins but in Deadpool he had a love interest and how he became a mutant. In Origins he was given mutant abilities and in Deadpool we learn he had them the whole time but it took being on the brink of death to activate them.


Unlike in the original X-Men trilogy we don't see Colossus in his human form. Probably because the budget wasn't big enough (they couldn't afford another X-men). But this made light to some comedy. Who wouldn't want to see a giant man of steel eating a bowl of grape nuts. Or lecturing a "moody teenager" on the importance of breakfast. But he also had his tough side and when it came to fighting he did his fair share and it was incredible.

"Moody Teenager"

Negasonic teenage warhead was definitely a good addition to this movie. She added an element that helped give Deadpool some material. Like the look on her face that she was always pissed off and the fact that she decided to tweet before taking on the villains in the big fight scene.

Last but not least...Ryan Reynolds!!

Not much to say but it's about time! He did amazing and I could not find one flaw in his performance. The man was so excited to make this movie that after waiting ten years he took home one of his suits and Deadpool's stuffed unicorn.

This is just a few reasons why the movie was amazing. But if you don't believe me go see the movie yourself.


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