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If you have read The Walking Dead comic books and watched the show up to this point, then you know there are quite a few differences. The deaths of certain characters are different, and people who are dead in the comic book are still alive in the show – or they don't even have a part in the comic book at all. The Valentines Day mid-season premiere recreated the comic book more than it ever has in the past, here's how.

The Survivors

What a perfect way to open up the mid-season premiere with The Survivors. We've all been wondering when Negan was going to be coming into the picture and how he becomes involved in Rick's group. How it goes down in the comics is in fact the incident shown in 'No Way Out'. The difference here is Daryl was not to be the one to take The Survivors down. Rick and Michonne were to kill them, though, I guess Rick can't always be the hero. Knowing Daryl, it was pretty obvious he was up to something once he went behind the truck, which did not disappoint to see these guys go down, especially after all the trash they talked.

"If you have to eat shit, best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat. Goes quicker."

The Herd

The herd of 'walkers' is what makes this season so dramatic and addicting. As usual nothing goes as planned when they to try to draw them away, so let's make them come towards Alexandria. When taking cover in the home, there was only a few differences there as to who is in the house. They had to make Maggie and Glenn fight for their lives yet again, which was jaw dropping and had me on the edge of my seat.

Covering Themselves in Walker Guts

We've seen in Season 1 the cast layer walker guts on themselves to mask their natural smell from the walkers. Being just another smelly body in the herd of danger. They have used this method in both the comic book and the TV show. Being smarter than the walkers is the easy part, being surrounded by them is unsettling to even think about.

Sam and Jessie's death

We watched jaws clenched as Sam calls out to his mother in a herd of walkers. Knowing this all couldn't end well. This scene was made extremely close to the way the comic portrayed the events. A few differences including the fact that Jessie only had one son, Ron, but in the show, she has two sons - Ron and Sam. Also, some differences with the dialogue involving Jessie screaming for help in the comic book. During the show, she just stands still as the walkers devour her flesh. Though it was a huge relief to see it wrap up as raunchy as the comic book. Identically portrayed, even to the point of Jessie's hand being severed to free Carl from her death grip.

Carl getting shot

Fans from the comic book became disappointed when Rick didn't lose his arm by the Governor, which had raised the question "Will Carl lose his eye?" Yes. In the comic book, he was intended to lose it accidentally by Douglas (Deanna in the show) as he runs out of a home popping his gun off in the middle of a herd killing himself and wounding Carl. In the show's recreation, it was revenge towards Carl by Ron, who intended to kill him. Ever since their group arrived in Alexandria, Ron has lost everyone and blames everything on Rick and Carl.

Rick's heroism

After Carl gets shot, you know Rick has a vengeance. Fighting his way through the crowd of walkers was epic, and to watch Alexandria's people grow and help Rick clear out the herd is a huge growth as a community. Now I think I speak for everyone when I say Daryl took out the most of them using his rocket launcher. Though Rick and his group's courage has finally rubbed off on those scared of the outside world inside the walls of Alexandria.

We've had a few things missed here and there, though The Walking Dead never disappoints. In my opinion, the fact the show doesn't follow the comic book exactly is what keeps us locked in. Whether you are a fan of the comic book or the show, or both, they always find a way to keep us surprised and wondering what's going to happen next.


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