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An exciting rumor had been floating around the internet this week, which has now been confirmed! The new trailer for the upcoming 11th episode of season 3 officially reveals that Yo-Yo Rodriguez is joining Daisy Johnson's team of Secret Warriors when the show returns this spring.

For those who aren't familiar with Yo-Yo, she can run at super-speed. Her powers come with a catch, though: she gets knocked back to her starting location. Thus, she has the name Yo-Yo.

Any SHIELD fan will be happy to hear the show is getting new powered heroes, as will the comic fans who are finally getting more real powered Marvel characters. What other comic characters should join Daisy's team? Here are my top picks:


In the comic books, Phobos has the power to generate fear in his enemies through eye contact as well as precognition. He would make a great replacement for Raina since Daisy's mom killed her last season. His powers also wouldn't require any special effects or make-up. He's only 10 years old, which would add variety as well as higher stakes, considering he might be involved in dangerous super-human battles. Who doesn't get sucked into a story when kids are in danger?!


Jerry Sledge is the son of Carl Creel, the Absorbing Man who appeared at the very beginning of the last season of SHIELD. Like his father, Jerry can "absorb" elements and take on their properties. With that, he's also super-strong in human form. Daisy's gonna need some muscle if she's going after the most dangerous Inhuman ever encountered.


Speaking of muscle, wouldn't it be nice if Hulk were to show up on SHIELD? Sorry folks, he's way too expensive. Jennifer Walters wouldn't be though! Jennifer AKA She-Hulk is Bruce Banner's cousin who is transformed after a transfusion of Bruce's blood, into a milder version of the Hulk. Though her temper is worse, she still maintains her intelligence in her "Hulked out" form. Best of all, she's roughly the same size and shape as her human self, she's just green. Marvel TV can do green, can't they? That can't possibly be very expensive or hard, and would easily bring this amazing character to life!

Kate Bishop Hawkeye

Having an Avenger on TV is just too expensive to maintain. Even one like Hawkeye, that requires no CGI. Kate Bishop is basically Katniss Everdeen with sunglasses and a superhero nick-name. She's also a teenager, considering the fact that she's a young Avenger in the comics. A cool teenage heroine fighting Hydra, even without powers. Doesn't that sound AWESOME!?

Marvel has tons of great B characters that they could use on SHIELD. These are just a handful of ideas. Now that the show-runners know that we, the audience, want more powered characters, it's safe to assume that Yo-Yo will be the first of many.


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