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Nearly every TV show has that one couple you want to end up together, Ross and Rachel in Friends, Penny and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory or Emma and Hook in Once Upon a Time. But what about those strange couplings that you couldn't wait to finish?

For our first Top 10, we're counting down the worst TV couples. This includes couples who should never have been together, couples who are awful together and couples who are just plain horrible.

10. Rachel Greene and Joey Tribbiani ('Friends')

Rachel and Joey should never have been a 'thing'. Ross wasn't fine. I was not fine. None of us were fine. Unfortunately for our forever bachelor Joey, the only reason for this brief fling was to force Ross into admitting he still had feelings for Rachel. Thankfully this short-lived romance was quickly forgotten by both the characters, and the audience.

9. Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers ('Pretty Little Liars')


This is not okay. I don't know why this has happened. I want Haleb back, and I want them now. With the mysterious new 'A' causing terror in Rosewood, the last thing the Liars need is a distracted Spencer and a jealous Hanna (I don't care if she's engaged. We all see those wistful glances thrown Caleb's way!) We can only hope 'Spaleb' is not endgame.

8. Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor ('The Office')

Easily the most destructive, yet hilarious couple on The Office, Kelly and Ryan have had an on/off relationship for almost the entirety of the show. While they were (very briefly) married, Ryan always avoided commitment, and dumped Kelly multiple times, used her for money, and ruins every semi-stable relationship she has. In the Season 9 finale, we see Ryan and Kelly run off into the sunset together, abandoning Ryan's son and Kelly's husband in the process. Not exactly relationship goals.

7. Justin Walker and Rebecca Harper ('Brothers & Sisters')

While this couple had some nice moments throughout the five seasons of the show, it always seemed awkward and forced. With no real chemistry, and the semi-incestuous nature of their relationship, it was never a fan favorite. Eventually even the writers realized they weren't meant to be together, and they split up in the show's final season.

6. Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson ('How I Met Your Mother')

This relationship just seemed like a way to keep the long-running How I Met Your Mother going. Ted and Robin were the "Ross and Rachel" of the show, and every fan wanted them to end up together. Barney and Robin (while not actually a bad couple), were merely another obstacle in the way of the inevitable Ted and Robin happy ending.

5. Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke ('Revenge')

No good relationship can survive this many lies. In case you haven't seen Revenge; Jack believes he knew Amanda when we was younger, and they were friends. Unfortunately she has actually switched identities with the real Amanda. So not only is she living a lie, but she has continued to lie while marrying Jack and having his baby. Not exactly what you want in a wife.

4. Blaine Anderson and David Karofsky ('Glee')

Glee was known for its strange match-ups, but most fans were stunned in Season 6 when Kurt's ex-beau Blaine started to date Karofsky, the jock with the bullying, homophobic past. Needless to say this terrible relationship was short-lived, thank goodness.

3. Rumplestiltskin and Belle ('Once Upon A Time')

I can hear Rumbelle shippers shouting at their screens from here, but honestly Belle deserves so much better than the manipulative, pathetic, power-hungry Mr. Gold. Rumple has repeatedly lied to Belle and tried to convince her that he isn't an evil man, despite his actions confirming his wicked ways. I think Rumple has finally run out of chances, and maybe Belle can still find her happy ending.

2. Gemma Teller Morrow and Clay Morrow ('Sons Of Anarchy')

While Clay and Gemma are undoubtedly suited to each other, their lying and deceitful ways didn't win them any popularity contests. While they may have begun Season 1 as the King and Queen of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, their treachery and past sins came back to haunt them, and while it may have taken six or seven seasons, I think we can all agree that these two murderers got their comeuppance.

1. Jaime and Cersei Lannister ('Game Of Thrones')

Honestly there are a few dysfunctional Game of Thrones characters who could have made this list, but Jaime and Cersei are just the most obvious. Since Season 1 we have seen their incestuous relationship in all its glory. From almost killing Bran, to Jaime's rape of Cersei in front of their dead son's body, there is no doubt that these two would do anything for (or to) each other. We'll have to wait until April when the show returns to our screens for Season 6 to see what the Lannister's have in store.

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know in the comments who you would have added to the list!


Which couple do you think is the worst?


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