ByJean Kirschtien, writer at

I've Teen Titans and Young Justice for eight years. Yes, I'm a girl, Yes I'm under 20, but the first eight years of my life was Teen Titans and Young Justice. I was weirdly , in a way, a mature kid, I could grasp the concept of the two shows easier than my older brother. I loved the quirky moments and adored the animation (which is mainly why I draw alot today) Plus, the serious plot was great! As a kid, I didn't really care for dumb shows that were meant for kids, I cared about the storyline. I was a huge DC nerd until two years ago when Young Justice episodes was waning and they came out with new X-Men movies.( There was always a soft spot in my heart for the X-men comics and movies, despite favoring DC.) Then, it happened. At the time I was completely star struck on the new Teen Titans reboot. I was so excited for it. I thought it would be almost the same as Teen Titans. I was wrong, so very wrong. It was so childish and bright. WHERE WAS THAT SOMEWHAT MOODY DICK GRAYSON? The animation was OK, but the plot was terrible. Mainly because THERE WASNT A PLOT. Its like just writing down random words and smearing shit on an essay and expecting an A+. Then there was that crossover episode with Young Justice. That pissed me off alot. Overall, I enjoyed the original series and wanted them back and hearing that YJ might have a 3rd season makes me FUCKING EXCITED.


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