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Continuing on from my first article, I'm chronically an alternative TWD-verse, season by season, to see how long (if at all) a character could survive without the intervention of Rick Grimes.

So lets look at Season 2.

Season 2 kicked off with the I85 highway graveyard, an obstacle that not only stalled the Atlantans new journey to Fort Benning, but stranded them in the onslaught of their first real herd; of which two stragglers chased sweet Sophia, from the group and finally taught the Atlantans the necessity of hand-to-hand during the Zombiapocalypse.

We’ll side step the little known facts that S02E01 set up the series of Andrea’s self saving and stay with the season arc of how: the search for Sophia sees Carl accidently shot and subsequently leads the Atlantans to the Greene family and the base of Season 2 – Hershal’s farm.

Truth is, for all that happened during Season 2, the main splinter focuses on the Greene Group. It can be said that their ability to survive thus far had solely been isolation and / or luck; but how long could they have likely survived without Rick and the Atlantans? Opting to stow Walkers in the barn under the misguided belief they were merely sick people that would soon be cured begs the question; how long before Otis bought in the one that eventually burst the barn? Or, what if, during a routine Buck hunt, the noise of a gunshot bought on a herd the size of the Season three finale? Simple truth is, any one of these little naiveties would have killed the Greenes long before they figured out the survival skills to make it in this new world.

Another Rick rescue not to be over looked here, is the Randall / Tony and Dave Splinter.

Even though, in our reality they met in the town bar after Shane ‘cleared the barn’, the likelihood of the two groups still meeting cannot be overlooked. Scary fact is, with what Randall confessed their group was prone to do; its’ more than probable that without the intervention of Rick, The Greenes would have suffered, hard, before death at their hands.

Simple fact here is, as much as it is slated that the Season 2 arc was the search for Sophia, it is act of Otis shooting Carl that bought the Atlantans to the Greene farm, which furthermore saved T-Dog from Sepsis, Daryl from his arrow, and lets not forget how it introduced Maggie and Glenn...


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