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Whether they've got playlists full of silly cat videos, funny kids, or stupid people getting wracked in the nuts, just about everybody has a YouTube channel these days. But what they don't have is a YouTube channel full of kick ass indie horror films! Thus, meet the newly anointed monarchs of YouTube mayhem, the Kings of Horror!

We caught up with Chad Eschmeyer of KOH to find out more about their channel:

Kings of Horror launched in March of 2015 with a few fun horror films; we have now grown to over 100,000 subscribers and we have garnered over 32-million views. Our channel is active worldwide for horror fans to view over 250 films for free. All of these films are legally licensed allowing fans to watch without using illegal means. Our playlists offer the Supernatural, Survival, Psycological Thrillers, Horror Comedy, Occult, Zombies, Slashers and more!

Three of those "fun horror films" are the first volumes of the hilarious film franchise, Hillbilly Horror Show. Now fans of the show can catch up on all the fun with Bo, Cephus, and Lulu, for free, on Kings of Horror. When asked about bringing the popular franchise to the channel, Chad said:

We are thrilled to have the Hillbilly Horror Show on Kings of Horror YouTube channel being broadcast around the world for horror fans to enjoy.

With more than 200 films available, and more being added every day, horror fans are going to be able to immerse themselves into hours of indie horror bliss!

No need to wait! Hit the link, subscribe, and bow down to the Kings of Horror!


You can learn more about KOH, and Hillbilly Horror Show at the links below!

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Horror fans rejoice!


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