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When Deadpool came out this past weekend, it exploded all over social media with how amazing it was in comparison to all of the other superhero movies. I won't lie, when I saw it, I liked it a lot more than when I saw the last Superman movie.

However, there is one huge plothole in the movie that I was honestly shocked by, specifically involving the ending of the movie.


In the last scenes of the movie, the fight is between Angel Dust, Ajax (or Francis) and all of the hired soldiers against Deadpool, Teenage Negasonic Warhead, and Colossus. Deadpool is fighting Francis for self-needed revenge over ruining his face and kidnapping his 'baby mama'; Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are then fighting Angel Dust.

However, when Warhead creates a giant explosion that destroys the helicarrier where they were fighting; Colossus is carrying Warhead and Angel Dust away from the explosion and to safety.

But when Colossus goes to Deadpool, trying to prevent him from shooting Francis (NO SCOPE) but Angel Dust is no where to be found. She just... disappears, which makes so sense.

Why would Colossus just set her down and leave her there? She's a super strong woman who could even hold Colossus in a fight. Leaving her alone after that fight is as bad as an idea as giving Deadpool a match when locked in the Oxygen chamber. Bad Move. So, was it just forgetfulness from the 'true heroes' or some secret answer?

Do you think it was forgetful writing or some unexplained plot device? Tell me in the comments below!


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